Guidelines For Good Etiquette On Myspace Comments

Guidelines For Good Etiquette On Myspace Comments

As MySpace has evolved into an​ all-around social gathering on the web, it​ has developed an​ interesting system of​ etiquette. It's not what you would expect, but since it​ has evolved in​ such a​ way, you must learn to​ catch on quickly. Comments are difficult to​ understand for a​ newcomer, so here are some of​ the basics.

Comments are small bits of​ content that you leave on a​ friend's MySpace page. By the default MySpace settings, comments are visible to​ everyone who visits your friend's page. Your friend may have modified them to​ be hidden (though this can be reversed by turning the page style off), or​ to​ only show to​ people on his or​ her friend's list.

There is​ a​ certain threshold that determines whether you post a​ comment to​ a​ friend's page, or​ send it​ to​ them in​ a​ private message instead. The threshold depends on how personal the message is. if​ you've found a​ funny image or​ video that you want to​ show your friend, then it​ is​ generally good etiquette to​ leave it​ as​ a​ comment on his or​ her page. it​ will reach them as​ fast as​ a​ message would, and other people will be able to​ enjoy it​ as​ well. if​ it's a​ short, simple message like 'I had fun this weekend' or​ 'See you at​ lunch', then a​ comment would be appropriate. However, if​ you want to​ have an​ in-depth discussion, then messages would be better.

There are many different ways that you can leave fancy comments. if​ you just want to​ say hi to​ a​ friend, you can look on sites that are designed to​ give you interesting and funny material to​ post. It's a​ popular internet fad to​ take a​ funny picture, and add a​ caption that corresponds to​ the picture ' for example, a​ cat with a​ paw in​ the air with the caption 'Hi there!' This could be a​ good comment to​ leave for a​ friend, depending on his or​ her personality. You can also run text through programs that convert it​ into images 'for example, each letter could be a​ picture of​ a​ butterfly wing with patterns that resemble the letter.

So if​ you want to​ establish a​ MySpace profile, you should definitely consider how you can make good comments to​ your friends. It's a​ great way to​ build relations, keep up with people, and generally have a​ good time.

Guidelines For Good Etiquette On Myspace Comments

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