Guidelines For Betting

Guidelines For Betting

Guidelines for Betting
If you are going to​ Las Vegas for the gambling, make sure you take enough money to​ cover yourself if​ lose it​ at​ the tables .​
Set a​ limit and stick to​ it .​
It is​ hard because one more play might be the big one .​
However, one more play and you could lose everything.
Lower your bets when you aren't winning .​
If you start to​ losing, switch tables or​ even casinos .​
Go where you feel comfortable and try again .​

Sometimes you will spot advertisements for sure winners or​ big jackpots .​
These are scams .​
Don't buy them .​
If anybody figured out how to​ beat the slot machines, they wouldn't share it​ with everyone else.
Quit once you get ahead of​ where you started .​
If you up a​ hundred dollars, get up from the table .​
Don't let greed separate you from your winnings.
Don't go into debt to​ make bets .​
If you are down to​ your last dollars and have maxed out your credit cards, it​ is​ time to​ stop .​
Don't even let it​ get that far .​
Some people have used up their savings and used their homes as​ collateral .​
Please be careful in​ knowing what you can and cannot afford to​ wager.
The chances are you will lose most of​ the money you have brought with you to​ gamble .​
The house usually has the odds on their side .​
Sure you might win a​ few times, but they usually will get it​ all back and more .​
If you get lucky in​ a​ short run, take the money and leave .​
You will be better off for it .​
You will also have some coin to​ play another day.
Don't use the winnings from one play to​ increase on the next .​
Greed is​ getting the better of​ you .​
Hold on to​ the winnings and keep your bets at​ the original levels you started at .​
This way, you can build up your winnings and if​ you lose all your gambling money, you still are not completely broke.

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