Guideline For Choosing Dog Treats

Guideline For Choosing Dog Treats

What makes you​ love your dogs? is​ it​ because of​ the​ way he loves you​ in​ return and the​ eagerness that you​ feel when he attempts to​ please? This love can be more emphasized through dog training as​ it​ creates the​ firm bond between you​ and your pal.

One well recognized method of​ dog training is​ through the​ use of​ dog treats. But dog treats are not for positive reinforcement dog training alone. Most dog owners have used them as​ snack alternatives. This does not proceed pleasurable experiences but may also aid in​ maintaining your pal's health.

Like with other pet stuffs,​ there are considerations that an​ owner should first evaluate before allowing his pet to​ dog treats. Health components concerning with calorie content is​ on​ the​ priority list.

One of​ the​ growing concerns on​ dog health nowadays is​ obesity. Almost half of​ American dogs are overweight. Like with the​ case of​ human,​ obesity may lead to​ a​ variety of​ diseases like diabetes,​ heart disease and arthritis.

Overindulgence is​ thought as​ one of​ the​ contributing reason for obesity. This may be due to​ human factor. Most owners tend to​ give dog treats on​ an​ unregulated basis. For most,​ it​ doesn't matter how many calories does a​ single biscuit may contain. to​ resolve this issue,​ an​ owner needs to​ cut back on​ the​ daily calorie intake of​ his pet until he reduces some weight. Controlling the​ quantity of​ dog treats throughout the​ day may be of​ great help. you​ may also choose to​ lessen his foods gradually until he reaches normal weight. in​ line with this,​ it​ is​ ideal to​ stick with dog treats with low calories. the​ subject on​ obesity may further be resolved through consulting the​ vet and to​ implement a​ regular exercise regimen.

It is​ also an​ ill practice to​ give your dog commercially produced human foods. Some of​ which may contain elements that are not suited for your dog's health. Commercial foods are also often rich with fats and calories and low in​ nutrients and vitamins. Moreover,​ this practice is​ really not healthy for your dog's manners. This only encourages begging. Give him his dog treats in​ his own place instead but always bearing the​ thought of​ how healthy the​ dog treats you​ give are.

Tips on​ Dog Treats Selection

It is​ always best to​ buy naturally produced dog treats. These save you​ from unnecessary additives that may post threats against your dog's health. Fat and sugar-rich dog treats are complete no-no. look for dog treats that have high concentration of​ fibers and protein.

Dog treats that are primarily made from fishes are good sources of​ unadulterated health components. These are great foods for human as​ well as​ dogs. They are low in​ calories and fats.

Avoid giving dog treats before any major meals. if​ you​ are training him using positive reinforcement,​ cut back portions of​ his meals to​ balance his diet with dog treats.

There are dog treats that are especially made to​ optimize your dog's health. Working in​ the​ same principle as​ that of​ the​ vitamin supplements. These are aids to​ maintain your dog's health and may even relieve symptoms of​ certain diseases.

Don't allow that dog treats may cover as​ much as​ ten percent of​ your pet's diet.

In choosing the​ ideal treat,​ it​ is​ helpful to​ rely on​ your best judgements. it​ is​ you​ who know your pet well enough but in​ cases of​ doubt,​ you​ may as​ well consult a​ veterinarian.

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