Guide To Tv Vcr And Dvd Voltage Converters

Guide To Tv Vcr And Dvd Voltage Converters

When traveling overseas, voltage differences in​ various countries should be considered if​ you want to​ take along your TV, VCR, or​ DVD player. Luckily, there are products such as​ TV, VCR, and​ DVD voltage converters to​ make traveling with these items easier.

How Voltage Converters Work

Voltage converters, often called voltage transformers, enable you to​ use 110v TV, VCR, or​ DVD player with a​ 220v outlet or​ vice versa. Step down converters will lower the​ voltage from 220v to​ 110v (or other voltage ranges) while step up converters will raise the​ voltage from 110v to​ 220v (or other voltage ranges).

When Do You Need a​ Voltage Converter?

A voltage converter or​ transformer is​ needed when traveling to​ other countries where the​ standard voltage differs from the​ standard used in​ your own country. if​ your country has a​ standard of​ 110 volts and​ the​ country you plan to​ visit has a​ standard of​ 220 volts, then you will need an​ 110v to​ 120v converter. if​ the​ opposite is​ true, you'll need a​ 220v to​ 110v volts converter. Some countries offer both voltages, in​ which case you wouldn't need a​ voltage converter.

TVs and​ Voltage Converters

If taking your TV along, keep in​ mind that monitor formats for​ displaying television shows are often different in​ other countries. Televisions create a​ surge when turned on, so choose a​ TV voltage converter that is​ more powerful than the​ wattage indicated on the​ back of​ your TV set.

Though a​ voltage conversion will allow the​ television to​ work power wise, it​ will not make the​ format compatible. North American format for​ TV is​ called NTSC. Other modes such as​ PAL mode used in​ Europe are not compatible with a​ television designed for​ NTSC mode. So, a​ voltage converter plus a​ multi-system TV might be required.

VCR and​ DVD Players for​ Traveling

Traveling with a​ VCR and​ DVD player can also be a​ hassle if​ you own an​ older model. the​ older versions may not work with some formats of​ televisions overseas, and​ many models (old or​ new) will likely need a​ voltage transformer to​ operate. Check the​ format of​ your player to​ ensure it​ matches the​ format of​ the​ available television set. Also, find out the​ voltage of​ the​ country you plan to​ visit.

Once plugged in, the​ VCR and​ DVD player can be used to​ watch videotapes and​ DVDs from your country, but maybe not those from another country. Just like with TVs, there are various formats being used around the​ world for​ videotapes and​ DVDs such as​ NTSC and​ PAL.

Newer models of​ VCRs and​ DVDs called multi-system, code free, or​ region free will enable you to​ watch films from your country or​ from the​ country you are visiting. Also, some newer machines will convert the​ voltage automatically, so there's no need for​ a​ voltage converter with these.

Voltage Regulators

Voltage regulators act as​ both a​ voltage converter and​ a​ voltage stabilizer. There are two types of​ regulators - Servo and​ Relay. a​ Servo type regulator stabilizes voltage by adjusting the​ converter or​ transformer to​ the​ desired output voltage. it​ gives the​ most precise voltage and​ is​ great for​ areas with unstable voltage currency. the​ Relay type regulator works electronically and​ is​ not as​ precise as​ the​ Servo type.

Before you go, find out what type of​ format and​ voltage converter you will need for​ your TV, VCR, or​ DVD player. if​ staying at​ a​ hotel, phone or​ email a​ hotel clerk to​ gather the​ information you need. Then, go online to​ shop for​ plug end adapters, voltage converters, or​ even a​ new multi-system or​ code free TV, VCR or​ DVD player for​ your enjoyment!

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