Guide To Hot Tub Heaters

Guide To Hot Tub Heaters

We hop into the bathtub only if​ the temperature is​ right and equal throughout. The heaters that come long with spa or​ hot tubs furnish sustained heat to​ provide the maximum heat to​ provide the benefits of​ hydrotherapy including stress reduction, relaxation, and pain relief for arthritis. There are two types of​ heaters available – electric and propane heaters. The size of​ these heaters varies from small ones for hot tubs to​ aboveground and in-ground models for swimming pools.

Propane or​ Gas Heater and features

Propane is​ considered as​ the “green “energy as​ it​ helps to​ cut emissions and protect the environment. it​ is​ non-toxic and insoluble in​ water and does not leave a​ residue in​ the tub. So it​ is​ considered to​ be clean. Propane is​ an​ efficient and friendly fuel. Propane heaters cut emission of​ toxins and yields 12 percent less carbon dioxide and 60 percent less carbon monoxide. Propane heaters heat water quickly and evenly compared to​ electric heater or​ other fuels.

Built-in properties of​ Propane

1. Propane will not ignite when combined with air.
2. Propane gas is​ non-toxic and insoluble in​ water.
3. it​ is​ not harmful to​ soil or​ water
4. Since the cost of​ gas is​ less than electricity it​ lowers the day-to-day cost.

Electric hot tub heater features

If the tub is​ a​ portable one you cannot use gas heater as​ they always come with electrical heating units. Electric water heater is​ also dependable performance proven and corrosion free. They are available in​ compact models of​ 5.5 kw and 11kw. Models that are available today have longer life as​ the heavy-duty incoloy heating elements lasts longer. The waterways, are corrosion-free copper and bronze, this enables longer life. The electric heaters have built-in safety measure to​ prevent operation without water flow, a​ temperature to​ prevent overheating and a​ good quality thermostat. They are compact and easy to​ install.

Tips on buying hot tub
Electric hot tub can actually make your energy bills rocket if​ you do not choose your system carefully. Go for a​ tub with full foam closed-cell insulation. This holds the energy bills down and the heat in. Look for a​ model with a​ sealed heating element as​ this prevents the water from touching the actual element. The heater will last longer and work more efficiently. Hot tub circulation system to​ be left on continuously to​ keep water clean and ready to​ use. This will save energy too. a​ reputable dealer will be able to​ tell you how much it​ will cost to​ operate a​ hot tub.

Guide To Hot Tub Heaters

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