Guide To Choosing A Custom Built Desktop Computer

Guide To Choosing a​ Custom Built Desktop Computer
You are probably familiar with the​ saying different strokes for different folks .​
Well,​ this phrase rings especially true when it​ comes to​ computers and their uses .​
While a​ computer may be perfect for one person,​ it​ may be useless to​ somebody else .​
This is​ because there are so many variations of​ what’s actually inside a​ computer .​
For this reason,​ many people are opting to​ have their computer systems custom built .​
If you are one of​ the​ many people contemplating a​ similar idea,​ you may be unsure as​ to​ where to​ start .​
In this article,​ we’ll present you with a​ guide to​ choosing a​ custom built desktop computer.
The number one appeal for people in​ choosing a​ custom built computer is​ price .​
It is​ often far cheaper to​ build a​ computer than it​ is​ to​ buy one new from a​ company .​
To get the​ most out of​ your custom built computer,​ you will first have to​ identify the​ key components that you absolutely need .​
This will help save you time and money .​
So,​ let’s take a​ look at​ the​ perfect custom built desktop computer for a​ variety of​ users.
In today’s world,​ many people use a​ desktop computer for only two reasons – word processing and internet surfing .​
If you fall into this category of​ user,​ you will have no problem choosing a​ custom built desktop computer .​
When deciding on​ a​ processor you basically have two choices; Intel and AMD .​
It is​ important to​ note that for simple web browsing and word processing,​ there is​ virtually no difference between the​ two processors .​
It is​ recommended that you go with an​ Intel Pentium 4 or​ an​ AMD Athlon .​
This is​ strictly a​ matter of​ preference,​ and you may want to​ do additional research to​ determine which is​ right for you .​
You will also want to​ determine the​ amount of​ memory you make available in​ your desktop computer .​
Again,​ for simple tasks such as​ these,​ anything more than 512MB will be more than sufficient .​
The rest of​ your system can be built with average secondary components,​ such as​ sound and graphic cards,​ and a​ CD/DVD drive.
If you happen to​ be a​ big-time gamer,​ you will need a​ computer with more RAM as​ well as​ better graphics capability .​
It is​ recommended that you upgrade to​ 1MB or​ 2MB of​ RAM .​
It will also enhance your game-play experience if​ you install a​ faster processor,​ perhaps even a​ dual core processor .​
These processors make it​ much easier to​ multitask while providing the​ ultimate gaming experience .​
Lastly,​ don’t forget to​ add a​ nice monitor and speaker system if​ you are building a​ computer geared towards gaming .​
This will also add to​ your overall enjoyment of​ your system.
The final type of​ user we​ would like to​ cover in​ this guide is​ the​ person who does a​ lot of​ work on​ the​ computer .​
This person will need a​ high-quality motherboard,​ which is​ always the​ most crucial element of​ any good computer .​
a​ motherboard helps your computer run at​ its optimum level,​ while ensuring all secondary components work properly .​
Somebody who stores a​ lot of​ data on​ their desktop computer will need to​ invest in​ a​ high-end motherboard .​
In addition,​ this type of​ user will also benefit from extra RAM,​ which will help in​ storing files.
This guide to​ choosing a​ custom built desktop computer should only serve as​ your first step in​ making a​ more informed buying decision .​
In addition to​ the​ aid of​ this guide,​ you should also perform thorough research and work with a​ trusted builder .​
It is​ important to​ remember that what you are putting into your custom built desktop computer will allow you to​ get the​ most out of​ it .​
Good luck!

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