Guide To The Blue Ridge Parkway Hiking Trails In Virginia

Guide To The Blue Ridge Parkway Hiking Trails In Virginia

The 469 mile long Blue Ridge Parkway is​ often said to​ be the most scenic drive in​ America. Beginning near Cherokee, NC, the parkway winds through the gorgeous Smokey Mountains and passes through the Pisgah National Forest, as​ well as​ the Shenandoah National Forest, before ending just before Virginia’s Skyline Drive begins.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is​ milepost after milepost of​ beautiful mountain views, camping opportunities, and outdoor activities. Whether your planning a​ family day trip or​ a​ week long trekking adventure, you can pack your Coleman cooler and enjoy the perfect journey on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

There are hundreds of​ miles of​ hiking trails along the parkway, many accessing larger trail networks including the Appalachian Trail, NC’s Mountain to​ Sea Trail, and the Shining Rock Wilderness Trail. This three part guide covers the hiking trails along the Virginia section of​ the Blue Ridge Parkway. a​ guide to​ the NC hiking trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway can be found here.

MP 5.9 Mountain Farm Trail is​ an​ easy, quarter mile self-guiding walk through a​ reconstructed 19th century Appalachian mountain farm. During summer months, there are living demonstrations in​ the farmstead, reenacting life on the farm long ago.

MP 6.0 The Appalachian Trail is​ a​ 2000 mile long hiking trail stretching through the eastern mountains, from Georgia to​ Maine. Several sections of​ the trail can be accessed from the Blue Ridge Parkway. This 2 mile section is​ a​ strenuous hike to​ Humpback Mountain at​ 3650 feet above sea level.

MP 8.4 Catoctin Loop Trail is​ a​ moderate .3 mile trail with beautiful vistas. This short loop is​ a​ great way to​ stretch your legs if​ you’re driving the parkway.

MP 8.8 Greenstone Trail is​ a​ short (.2 mile) self-guiding trail that loops through the shady hardwood forest and examines the amazing rock formations along the parkway. This trail is​ a​ moderate hike.

MP 17.6 The Priest is​ an​ easy tenth-mile stroll to​ an​ amazing view of​ the religiously named cluster of​ mountains looming in​ the distance.

MP 18.5 White Rock Falls Trail Connection is​ a​ moderate 2.9 mile hike to​ the White Rock Falls trail.

MP 20.0 White Rock Falls Trail is​ a​ moderate hike that follows .9 miles alongside a​ tranquil stream and ends at​ a​ small waterfall.

MP 26.3 Big Spy Mountain Trail is​ a​ short (.1 mile) but moderate walk to​ the War Fields, a​ large meadow known for the numerous arrowheads found in​ the soil. at​ 3200 feet above sea level, this trail offers a​ terrific view of​ the sky, as​ well as​ the beautiful Shenandoah Valley below.

MP 34.4 Yankee Horse Trail is​ a​ moderate .2 mile trail that passes a​ reconstructed railroad exhibit once used for logging in​ the Virginia mountains and leads to​ a​ small waterfall known as​ Wigwam Falls.

MP 38.8 Boston Knob Trail is​ an​ easy tenth of​ a​ mile loop around the hill near the overlook. This is​ an​ ideal walk to​ stretch your legs after a​ picnic lunch at​ the available table.

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