Guide To The Blue Ridge Parkway Hiking Trails In Virginia Iii

Guide To The Blue Ridge Parkway Hiking Trails In Virginia Iii

Continued from part 2

MP 91.0 a​ moderate 1.9 mile portion of​ the Appalachian Trail, leading from the VA 695 to​ Sharp Top Mountain overlook.

MP 92.5 The Sharp Top Mountain to​ Harvey’s Knob section of​ the Appalachian Trail is​ a​ 2.9 mile moderate hike along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

MP 95.4 Harvey’s Knob overlook to​ Montvale overlook portion of​ the Appalachian Trail is​ also moderately challenging, but is​ only a​ .6 mile hike.

MP 95.9 This mile long stretch of​ the Appalachian Trail runs from the Montvale overlook to​ Taylor’s Mountain overlook and is​ a​ moderately strenuous hike.

MP 96.0 Spec Mine Trail is​ a​ strenuous 2.8 mile trail maintained by the US Forest Service. This Blue Ridge Parkway hiking trail begins at​ the Montvale overlook and leads to​ Botetourt County along state Rt. 645.

MP 97.0 a​ moderate .8 mile section of​ the Appalachian Trail from Taylor’s Mountain overlook to​ Blackhorse Gap.

MP 110.6 Stewart’s Knob Trail is​ a​ brief stroll to​ an​ amazing view of​ the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.

MP 114.9 Roanoke River Trail is​ a​ .35 mile self-guiding stroll to​ a​ balcony overlooking the Roanoke River.

MP 120.4 Roanoke Mountain Summit Trail is​ a​ moderate tenth-mile hike to​ a​ splendid view of​ the Roanoke Valley.

MP 120.5 Chestnut Ridge Trail is​ a​ moderate 1.75 mile hike near the Roanoke Mountain camping area.

MP 121.4 Roanoke Valley Horse Trail is​ a​ moderate 18.5 mile long horse trail that begins near highway 220 and runs alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway.

MP 123.2 Buck Mountain Trail is​ a​ moderately challenging half mile hike to​ the top of​ Buck Mountain. The summit offers a​ fantastic view of​ the city of​ Roanoke.

MP 154.5 Smart View Loop Trail is​ a​ moderate 2.6 mile hike around the relaxing Blue Ridge Parkway picnic area.

MP 167.1 Rock Castle Gorge Trail is​ a​ strenuous 10.8 mile hike. The loop trail leads from the Rocky Knob campground, over Rocky Knob, and through the amazing Rocky Knob Gorge before ending back at​ the campground. This trail makes for an​ extreme day hike. if​ you’re not used to​ strenuous hiking, be sure to​ pack a​ Coleman foot care kit.

MP 167.1 Hardwood Cove is​ a​ moderately strenuous .8 mile portion of​ the Rock Castle Gorge trail. This section is​ a​ self-guiding nature trail.

MP 169.0 Black Ridge Trail is​ a​ moderate hiking trail that loops 3.1 miles from the Rocky Knob visitor center, passing Black Ridge and Grassy Knoll.

MP 169.0 Rocky Knob Picnic Loop Trail is​ a​ relaxing mile long walk around the picnic area. This is​ a​ perfect effortless hike for hot afternoons.

MP 176.2 Mabry Mill Trail is​ an​ easy trail that passes by the restored Mabry Mill and numerous exhibits of​ mountain life long ago, including shoemaking and blacksmith crafts.

MP 179.2 Round Meadow Creek Trail is​ a​ moderate half-mile hiking trail that loops through the peaceful, shady forest around Round Meadow Creek.

There is​ much, much more to​ see and do along the Blue Ridge Parkway!

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