Guide To The Blue Ridge Parkway Hiking Trails In Virginia Ii

Guide To The Blue Ridge Parkway Hiking Trails In Virginia Ii

Continued from part one

MP 47.5 Indian Gap Trail is​ a​ brief, moderately challenging hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway that leads to​ the wondrous formation known as​ Indian Rocks. The .3 mile trail offers a​ beautiful display of​ Virginia rhododendron in​ season.

MP 55.2 White Oak Flats is​ an​ easy trail great for a​ short stretch. The .1 mile trail winds through the white oak forest near Dancing Creek.

MP 60.8 Otter Creek Trail is​ a​ moderate 3.5 mile hike that can be accessed from the Otter Creek campground and makes a​ perfect day hike near refreshing Otter Creek. Don’t forget your Coleman insulated sports canteen!

MP 63.1 Otter Lake Trail is​ a​ moderate, .8 mile walk around Otter Lake. The trail winds through the shady forest and offers various fishing points for trout fishermen.

MP 63.6 James River Trail is​ a​ short (.2 mile) self-guiding trail that offers an​ easy walk to​ the restored canal locks once used in​ the mid 1800’s to​ ease transportation on the river.

MP 63.6 Trail of​ Trees Trail is​ a​ moderate, half-mile self-guiding trail that leads to​ an​ overlook of​ the James River.

MP 74.7 Thunder Ridge Trail is​ an​ easy tenth-mile loop that offers a​ tremendous view of​ Arnold Valley with the Alleghany Mountains in​ the distance.

MP 78.4 Apple Orchard Falls Trail is​ a​ 1.2 mile National Recreation Trail. The strenuous hike begins in​ sunny Sunset Field and leads to​ a​ breathtaking view of​ Apple Orchards Falls.

MP 79.7 Onion Mountain Loop Trail is​ an​ easy tenth-mile loop that showcases the gorgeous rhododendron and mountain laurel that are in​ full bloom in​ early June.

MP 83.1 Fallingwater Cascades Trail is​ a​ 1.6 mile National Recreation Trail. This moderately challenging hike loops through the mountain forests, passing beautiful rhododendron, and offers a​ spectacular view of​ Fallingwater Cascades.

MP 83.5 Flat Top Trail is​ a​ moderate to​ strenuous 4.4 mile hike that leads to​ Peaks picnic area, 4001 feet above sea level.

MP 83.5 Cross Rock Trail is​ a​ short (tenth mile) and moderate hike accessed from Flat Top Trail that examines the distinctive rock formations in​ the area.

MP 85.7 Abbot Lake Trail is​ an​ easy mile long hike around peaceful Abbot Lake.

MP 85.9 Elk Run Trail is​ an​ easy .8 mile self-guiding loop trail. This trail can be accessed from the Peaks of​ Otter visitor center and displays the beautiful flora of​ the Virginia mountains.

MP 85.9 Johnson Farm Loop Trail is​ a​ moderately challenging 2.1 mile hike that winds by a​ restored mountain farm.

MP 85.9 Harkening Hills Trail also begins at​ the Peaks of​ Otter visitor center. This moderate 3.3 mile hike leads to​ Harkening Hill at​ 3300 feet, one of​ the three mountains that make up Peaks of​ Otter.

MP 85.9 Balance Rock is​ a​ moderate tenth-mile hike that leads off Harkening Hills Trail and showcases more of​ the interesting rock formations along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

MP 86.0 Sharp Top Trail begins at​ the Peaks of​ Otter camp store and is​ a​ challenging 1.5 mile hike to​ the top of​ Sharp Top Mountain. The 3875 feet summit offers a​ panoramic view of​ the landscape.

MP 86.0 Sharp Top Summit Loop Trail is​ a​ half mile portion of​ Sharp Top Trail that can be accessed by bus during prime season. This scenic hike is​ also strenuous.

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