Guide To Being Kicked Off American Idol

Guide to​ Being Kicked Off American Idol
With so much going around about how to​ be truly successful on American Idol what happened to​ helping the little guy out who is​ just interested in​ some entertainment? Not everybody sets out with the goal of​ actually winning the show though .​
Those who are not really interested in​ winning find that there is​ very little advice offered to​ them .​
If you want to​ win then obviously doing your very best is​ critical to​ getting to​ the final rounds.
For those looking to​ just have some fun on the show, not worried about whether they actually win or​ lose it​ is​ possible to​ have a​ lot more fun .​
Stop and think about the contestants who had a​ ton of​ fun on the show .​
You are likely to​ think of​ someone along the lines of​ Blake Lewis .​
While he was an​ incredibly talented singer, he also took the time in​ each episode to​ inject some of​ himself into his performances so instead of​ just singing his way through each show.
If you are interested in​ trying to​ create your own special flair to​ the show, it​ is​ very important that you take some time to​ relax and actually enjoy yourself .​
Without enjoying the process, you are going to​ find that you are struggling to​ actually go further .​
The contestants who actually enjoy the process and procedures of​ the show will typically go very far, while those contestants who dislike the entire audition process .​
Putting your best efforts into the show is​ not always easy, but enjoying the show does not mean that you have to​ give up all of​ the creativity that you have.
For many contestants the best way to​ actually get kicked off the show is​ to​ go against the grain .​
While this is​ an​ old expression, it​ is​ extremely true .​
Stop and consider what you like personally in​ music .​
You probably have interests that are not that much different from many other people .​
This interest that you have in​ music means that you are apt to​ purchase music that is​ similar .​
If you are to​ go against the grain and instead pick a​ style of​ music that is​ not as​ popular, you might enjoy it​ yourself, but you are quite likely to​ find that there is​ very little interest from the viewers of​ the show.
Other sure ways to​ be kicked off are by disrespecting the judges .​
Most of​ the time you will notice that contestants on the show that last are extremely respectful to​ the judges .​
This might just seem like a​ coincidence, but do you really think that Simon Cowell would allow people to​ remain on the show who are completely disrespectful? It would be extremely unlikely for a​ contestant to​ remain that continuously talks down to​ the judges .​
It might make for some very entertaining television for a​ while, but the serious issue of​ disrespectful behavior would never be tolerated even if​ it​ did generate an​ incredible number of​ viewers.
The one area where you can really determine if​ you are going to​ stay or​ go home is​ in​ song selection though .​
Anyone who wants to​ go home badly, rather than actually win American Idol simply needs to​ pick out a​ bad song .​
This does not even mean picking out a​ song that is​ terrible in​ nature .​
If you select a​ song that is​ great, but it​ is​ incorrect for your voice style, and your actual singing style you could quickly turn a​ fabulous song into something terrible .​
It is​ very important that contestants choose their songs carefully and this means looking at​ all of​ the options available in​ terms of​ songs before actually picking something .​
It also means that it​ is​ essential that you select a​ song that will fit your personality .​
If you are just interested in​ getting the boot, you are much more free to​ select a​ song you truly enjoy, rather than something that sounds good for your voice.

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