Guide To Bareboat Charter

Guide To Bareboat Charter

A bareboat charter is​ a​ great way to​ enjoy a​ luxury sailing vacation, without the hassle of​ other passengers. The first step in​ planning your voyage is​ to​ select a​ destination. The Bahamas and Caribbean are popular destinations for yacht charters. Several companies in​ Miami and Fort Lauderdale offer ships for trips to​ these destinations.

An Overview of​ a​ Bareboat Charter

Once you have decided on a​ destination, you will need to​ choose a​ boat. The charter company or​ broker will send you brochures, pictures and descriptions of​ boats. Once you have chosen a​ boat, you sign a​ contract and pay a​ deposit to​ reserve your trip. Read the contract carefully. it​ will contain information on:

o Liability insurance
o Cancellation policy
o What is​ included in​ your charter
o Security deposit
o What to​ do if​ you experience a​ problem with the boat

Read the information carefully and ask questions about anything that isn’t clear or​ that you don’t understand.

In most cases, you are paying only for the boat. You and your crew will be responsible for sailing the boat on your voyage. if​ you aren’t qualified, you will need to​ hire a​ skipper. The charter company can help you with this. You will be responsible for fuel, taxes and port fees. in​ addition, you will need to​ provide food and other supplies. You will need to​ arrange travel and hotel reservations. Some companies work with a​ travel agent that can help you with this and often get you a​ better rate.

The size and age of​ the boat determine the cost. if​ you are travelling with several friends, family members or​ other couples, you can split the cost. This is​ a​ great way to​ enjoy a​ luxury vacation at​ a​ reasonable cost. With your co travellers, you will need to​ set an​ itinerary for your trip. Decide what activities you are interested in, and the sights you want to​ see. The charter company will help you set an​ itinerary that will include something for everyone in​ your group.


You will need to​ prove that you are qualified to​ handle the ship you intend to​ rent. You will be asked for your sailing resume, which details your experience. Some companies require a​ Bareboat Sailing Certificate. Prior to​ departure, a​ skipper will take you out on a​ short cruise for you to​ demonstrate your skills. This allows them to​ be sure of​ your ability and gives you a​ chance to​ get comfortable with the sailboat or​ motor yacht. if​ the skipper is​ not convinced of​ your skill, you will need to​ hire a​ skipper for the voyage. This can cost up to​ $200 per day.

Choosing a​ Charter Company

You can charter either directly with the charter company or​ work with a​ charter broker. a​ broker works with several charter companies worldwide. The fee is​ paid by the charter company. The benefit of​ a​ broker is​ they have access to​ more boats and may be better able to​ find the perfect boat for your needs, and to​ fit your budget.

Good brokers are familiar with all the boats they broker. You will be sent pictures, brochures and descriptions of​ each boat to​ help you make a​ decision. Ask about the age and condition of​ each boat. The newer the boat, the higher the price you will pay for your vacation. a​ five year old boat will be less expensive, but if​ it​ is​ well maintained, can give you a​ great trip at​ a​ lower cost.

Whether you are using a​ broker or​ a​ charter company, choose an​ organization that has been in​ business for a​ long time. Check with the Better Business Bureau for information on companies operating in​ the United States. Ask for references from people who have used the company or​ broker in​ the past. Your trip is​ a​ big investment and you want to​ be sure you are making the best choice.

Guide To Bareboat Charter

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