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A Guide in​ Surviving Male Menopause for​ Men and​ Women
The male menopause or​ andropause is​ a​ condition that all men will go through once they reach a​ certain age . ​
it​ is​ something that everybody should know how to​ deal with, especially men and​ their spouse . ​

This condition is​ very similar to​ females menopause condition where there are also related symptoms . ​
the​ cause of​ andorpause or​ male menopause is​ the​ decline of​ hormones as​ they age . ​

If you​ think men are spared from menopause, you​ should think again . ​
the​ andropause condition or​ the​ male menopause condition will eventually affect all men once they reach a​ certain age . ​
This particular condition is​ associated with the​ decline of​ male hormone levels that occurs at​ certain age, usually when men reach late 40s or​ early 50s . ​

The main symptoms of​ andropause are erectile dysfunction or​ failure to​ achieve erection, mood changes, night sweats, constant fatigue or​ tiredness, and​ also irritability and​ depression . ​
Some even said that when men are suffering from andropause, they become more motherly than fatherly . ​
They tend to​ be focused more on family and​ friends rather than the​ natural focus of​ men on money, career, and​ power in​ the​ early life before the​ andropausal stage . ​

Surprisingly, the​ change isnt always noticed by men who are going through the​ andropausal stage . ​
the​ mens spouses do notice it​ and​ have constantly said that their husbands are going through the​ menopause . ​

There will also be physical changes associated with andropause, such as​ loss of​ hair in​ the​ armpits and​ axilla, shirking of​ the​ testicles, lessening of​ muscle mass, and​ also decreased muscle strength . ​

This change is​ due to​ the​ loss of​ androgens in​ a​ mans body . ​
Androgens is​ known to​ be the​ basic ingredient that makes up masculinity and​ because of​ the​ loss of​ this ingredient, physical change occurs . ​

Andropause may cause depression in​ men and​ because of​ their irritability; it​ may also cause depression in​ their spouses . ​
This is​ why it​ is​ important for​ women to​ know how to​ deal with andropause and​ teach their husbands to​ know how to​ deal with it​ too . ​
Here are some ways women can teach their husbands to​ cope up with the​ inevitable changes that andropause can cause
• The first thing a​ woman should teach her husband is​ to​ teach them how to​ love and​ reward themselves as​ well as​ love and​ reward others . ​

• Men are usually abusive when it​ comes to​ ​alcohol​ and​ smoking . ​
Teach men not to​ abuse ​alcohol​ and​ also quit smoking at​ the​ same time . ​
Tell them that it​ will lessen the​ signs and​ symptoms of​ andropause or​ male menopause and​ also, will be healthier for​ them . ​

• Lack of​ exercise is​ a​ known cause of​ early aging . ​
This is​ why it​ is​ important to​ encourage men to​ exercise . ​
This will prolong their youth and​ also slow down the​ physical changes that naturally occurs when people age . ​

• Eating right is​ also one of​ the​ best ways to​ combat andropause . ​
Teach men to​ eat qualitatively and​ not quantitatively . ​
Tell them that it​ is​ more important to​ eat the​ right kind of​ food instead of​ eating more of​ the​ wrong kinds of​ food . ​

• Andropause is​ inevitable and​ will eventually happen as​ men reach a​ certain age . ​
Teach your husband to​ deal with it . ​
Teach them to​ accept it​ in​ order to​ live life to​ the​ fullest . ​
Tell them to​ seek out some hobby in​ order for​ them to​ take their mind off the​ condition . ​

These are some of​ the​ ways you​ can effectively help your husband when they are suffering from andropause . ​
Always remember that this condition is​ unavoidable and​ it​ is​ relatively the​ same as​ menopause . ​
the​ best thing you​ can do is​ accept it​ and​ enjoy it . ​
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