Guard Dogs And Home Security

Guard Dogs And Home Security

Guard Dogs and​ Home Security
These days,​ home security is​ simply a​ must have . ​
Burglaries and​ crime are always on​ the​ rise,​ which makes it​ all the​ more important to​ protect your home . ​
There are various burglary alarms and​ home surveillance systems available,​ designed to​ help you​ protect your home . ​
Although they are good in​ their own rights,​ nothing compares to​ an​ old fashioned guard dog . ​
Guard dogs have been used for​ generations to​ help people protect their homes and​ their belongings . ​

For many years,​ guard dogs have helped to​ scare off burglars and​ thieves . ​
Although most have gotten used to​ dogs now days,​ nothing fends off a​ thief more than a​ vicious dog grabbing his ankle and​ clamping down . ​
Almost all guard dogs have serious bites and​ can seriously injure a​ burglar . ​
Guard dogs are trained to​ protect one’s home and​ they will do so no matter what . ​

When you​ get a​ guard dog,​ you​ should always make sure that you​ let him know who is​ safe to​ be around your home . ​
you​ don’t want the​ dog to​ be vicious towards everyone,​ as​ friends and​ family are certainly allowed to​ be around your home . ​
Most guard dogs are left outside of​ the​ home,​ with some deciding to​ keep them indoors . ​
Indoor dogs are great,​ as​ they will instantly catch a​ burglar the​ second he decides to​ break into your home . ​

If you​ plan to​ keep your guard dog indoors,​ you​ should always have a​ supply of​ food and​ water available,​ as​ he will be there when you​ aren’t . ​
you​ will also need to​ give him access to​ an​ outdoor area as​ well,​ so he can use the​ bathroom . ​
a​ fenced in​ yard is​ an​ ideal place for​ a​ guard dog to​ go outside,​ as​ he can come and​ go as​ he pleases . ​
Sometimes,​ a​ burglar will try and​ sneak around the​ back entrance which is​ where giving a​ guard dog outside access can really come in​ handy . ​

Before buying the​ dog,​ you​ should always carefully research the​ species and​ where you​ plan to​ get your dog from . ​
Police dogs or​ dogs that have been trained for​ protection are ideal,​ as​ they already know how to​ defend things . ​
Dobermans and​ Pit Bulls are great for​ protection as​ well,​ simply because they are well known for​ being very vicious . ​

If you​ carefully research your options and​ get your guard dog from a​ reliable source,​ you​ shouldn’t have much of​ anything to​ worry about . ​
you​ should never get your dog from a​ lesser known or​ poor source,​ as​ the​ dog may be poorly trained or​ not in​ good health . ​
a​ guard dog can be a​ great addition to​ any home providing you​ get a​ dog in​ good health and​ more than capable to​ fend of​ burglars . ​

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