Guanajuato A New Restaurant In Town

Guanajuato A New Restaurant In Town

For the​ past three and​ a​ half years, I’ve been waiting for​ a​ restaurant to​ come along that would prove, once and​ for​ all, that Guanajuato, Mexico, does not lack fine cuisine. Guidebooks say Guanajuato does not have any good restaurants. Now, I can put a​ stop to​ this nonsense once and​ for​ all—I hope.

Frascati, conveniently located in​ Guanajuato’s El Jardin de Union, is​ a​ wonderful place for​ birthday celebration or​ for​ any special occasion. That’s why we were there—the wife’s birthday. the​ décor is​ modern Mexican with just a​ touch of​ tradition. There is​ an​ indoor waterfall over the​ stairs, which adds to​ the​ restaurant’s uniqueness. This restaurant will appeal to​ those accustomed to​ paying a​ little more for​ their meals to​ eat in​ a​ location with ambience. the​ dining room is​ on the​ second floor of​ Hotel San Diego and​ is​ accessible from the​ hotel’s lobby by stairs in​ the​ front or​ by the​ elevator at​ the​ back of​ the​ lobby. the​ premium tables overlook Guanajuato’s main and​ most popular plaza, El Jardin de Union, through large open doors that lead to​ the​ balcony.

Frascati is​ a​ prestigious restaurant chain in​ Mexico and​ serves an​ Italian menu of​ deliciously delightful choices. the​ manager of​ the​ Guanajuato facility, a​ graduate of​ Penn State University, seemed to​ be the​ only bilingual employee. the​ rest of​ the​ staff has been trained in​ basic English. They can describe the​ items on the​ menu and​ take your order, but that is​ about the​ extent of​ their English abilities. This is​ a​ new twist in​ Guanajuato. the​ manager told me that speaking English is​ not a​ requirement for​ employment.

Since all the​ window seats were taken, we sat across from the​ middle window. We still had a​ good view and​ were able to​ feel the​ lovely breeze that naturally cooled the​ dining area. Our orders of​ Lasagna and​ Cannelloni, taken by immaculately dressed and​ poised young Mexican waiters, came quickly. the​ bread served was not the​ usual bolillos—traditionally served in​ Guanajuato—but was fresh and​ satisfying.

The meal was the​ entrée and​ nothing else. This surprised us. at​ one of​ our favorite restaurants in​ Guanajuato, Casa Valadez, the​ meals come with succulent side dishes of​ rice and​ vegetables. This meal consisted of​ a​ sufficiently filling Italian dish and​ bread and​ nothing more. a​ salad would have cost us nearly as​ much as​ the​ entree.

Prices were high considering what you get for​ your money. in​ Casa Valadez, you get comparably tasting food and​ service equal to​ Frascati’s but more for​ your money. Valadez lacks the​ décor but what the​ heck when what you want is​ a​ good meal for​ a​ good price. the​ prices at​ Frascati’s make this establishment one for​ upper income bracket tourists or​ locals. However, it​ is​ great for​ a​ special occasion meal for​ the​ rest of​ us. Our lunch, with soft drinks, coffee and​ dessert, set us back about thirty dollars.

The most unique menu item at​ Frascati’s, worth a​ trip to​ this central Mexican town to​ sample, is​ their megalithic brownie and​ ice-cream dessert. it​ was a​ meal all by itself. I’m not making this up! Trust me when I tell you that it​ is​ worth whatever you have to​ do to​ get here and​ try it.

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