Grocery Shopping With Young Children

Grocery Shopping With Young Children

Grocery shopping is​ one of​ those things that just has to​ be done. We can’t put it​ off just because the​ kids are awkward. We still need to​ eat. the​ key to​ stress-free shopping with kids is​ time – and​ plenty of​ it. How long would it​ normally take you to​ do the​ weekly shopping? OK. Double it. if​ you’re short of​ time then try and​ make some elsewhere. if​ you try to​ rush the​ big weekly shop you’ll get stressed, the​ kids will get stressed and​ you’ll think the​ world and​ his wife is​ staring at​ you.

OK so how do you make time? Well, why not combine the​ shopping with a​ meal out? You’ll save time on food preparation and​ washing up and​ it​ doesn’t need to​ be expensive. Most large stores will serve food these days fairly cheaply. the​ added bonus of​ doing it​ this way is​ that the​ kids think it’s fun. Children always think eating out is​ fun. You might not but they’ll enjoy it.

Preparation is​ the​ next most important item on the​ list. Remember that children won’t cry to​ deliberately annoy you until they reach 15-18 months old. Any younger than that and​ there’s usually a​ reason. Make sure you have a​ small drink and​ snacks. Raisins are great because they take ages to​ get out the​ packet with little fingers. You can play games with older children and​ ask for​ their help with little items. Never try and​ shop if​ your child is​ likely to​ be hungry or​ thirsty and​ try to​ do it​ when they’re least likely to​ be bored. This is​ another good reason to​ combine the​ shop with a​ meal as​ your kids will have eaten and​ had a​ drink and​ I find they can be interested for​ a​ while after lunch. the​ only problem is​ you will need to​ be prepared to​ leave your trolley and​ find a​ toilet for​ the​ older toddler round about aisle 5 (and 9 - and​ immediately once you’ve just unloaded the​ trolley!)

Finally – there’s nothing wrong with a​ bit of​ bribery once in​ a​ while. if​ you’re shopping in​ the​ morning or​ mid-afternoon then perhaps you could offer to​ go for​ a​ milkshake and​ biscuit if​ they’re good. if​ you’re shopping after lunch then maybe put a​ small ice-lolly in​ the​ trolley for​ afterwards.

So – to​ re-cap you need time (the less time you have the​ more stressed you will be), to​ be prepared (finding your child has a​ dirty nappy just as​ you get to​ the​ store and​ then remembering that you left the​ supplies in​ the​ house is​ really annoying - trust me), a​ little treat (not essential but always useful) and​ a​ lot of​ patience (always). Enjoy!

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