Greens Equipment Update Golf Course Mowers And Tractors With A Toro Or
Kohler Small Engine Rebuild Kit

Greens Equipment Update Golf Course Mowers And Tractors With A Toro Or Kohler Small Engine Rebuild Kit

If you deal with golf course management and​ it​ is​ your responsibility to​ ensure that your greens, fairways and​ roughs are always in​ the​ perfect condition, then you need the​ right tools for​ the​ job. Toro makes excellent golf course management mowers and​ other vehicles, but a​ lot of​ heavy users consider their small engines to​ be a​ little light for​ their requirements. After a​ few years small engines like these also start to​ show wear and​ tear, and​ most golf course managers consider replacing the​ entire vehicle to​ be the​ only solution.

Toro golf course management equipment in​ the​ 300 range generally comes standard with a​ Kohler K321S 60407 or​ 60295 engine. While these engines are perfectly serviceable, they have a​ few minor drawbacks that make them unsuitable for​ heavy or​ long term use. for​ example, they do not have full pressure lubrication, overhead valves or​ hydraulic valve lifters, and​ these components not only contribute to​ greater power in​ small engines, but greater fuel efficiency and​ durability as​ well.

Small engine rebuild kits are available for​ the​ K series Kohler engine that are easy to​ install, lightweight and​ far more powerful than the​ original engine. These kits come with simple, step-by-step instructions so even if​ you have little technical background you can replace your Kohler engine yourself.

Of course, one of​ the​ main reasons so many golf course management professionals are turning to​ small engine rebuild kits is​ that it​ is​ far more cost-effective than replacing a​ Toro golf course management mower or​ cart. Not only is​ it​ far cheaper than replacing the​ vehicle, but the​ Triad/OHC engine is​ far more fuel efficient than the​ standard Kohler engine. Kohler Triad Repower Kit are always the​ cheapest way to​ bring new life to​ an​ ageing Toro GM-3, or​ any other Toro green management vehicle.

Your golf course is​ unlikely to​ be vacant at​ any time during the​ day, so having Toro golf course management equipment that can do its job without anyone noticing it​ is​ a​ necessity. if​ you were worried that installing a​ more powerful motor will make your Toro vehicle louder, it​ doesn’t have to. Small engine rebuild kits can also include a​ brand new muffler kit – ask your rebuild kit retailer about what is​ included or​ what can be added to​ ensure your rebuild vehicle meets your specific requirements.

No other precision small engine can deliver this much low end torque. the​ Kohler engine might be the​ standard, but this engine was built with perfection as​ the​ goal and​ no other small engine turns so little fuel into so much power.

With a​ slightly more powerful and​ refined engine comes the​ extended lifespan you would expect. Because these engines have low emissions and​ are expertly constructed to​ withstand the​ beating they will be receiving you will get many more years out of​ your Kohler engine replacement kit than you did out of​ the​ original engine.

Take advantage of​ the​ opportunity and​ ease that you can get from rebuilding your Toro golf maintenance mower with a​ Kohler small engine rebuild kit.

~Ben Anton, 2018

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