Green Scrubs A Short History In Review

Green Scrubs A Short History In Review

Surgical greens have an​ intriguing history in​ our culture. Named after the color, surgical greens have been a​ part of​ surgical attire since the 1970s. Why choose the color green? Well, interestingly, surgical greens can be of​ any shade of​ green, but offered a​ high contrast in​ an​ often white, sterile environment. Green scrubs simply reduced the amount of​ eye fatigue experienced by the surgical team.

However, in​ recent years more and more green scrubs have been seen out of​ the surgical environment. a​ nasty strain of​ Staphylococcus aureus happens to​ be methicillin-resistant, and the need for sterility is​ vitally important. This sterility is​ necessary not only in​ the surgical environment but in​ the complete medical setting.

While white scrubs do have the additional benefit of​ giving a​ cleanliness factor, green scrubs do not show blood and other colors as​ pronounced. Let’s face it; a​ doctor looks better in​ clean green scrubs than in​ white, stained scrubs.

Green scrubs come in​ many shades of​ green, and have changed since their inception in​ the 1970s. Some things have remained the same such as​ the common v-neck and the drawstring pants.

Where does the name scrubs actually originate?

Once called “surgical greens”, scrubs were given a​ friendlier, shorter name simply because it​ was easier on everyone involved. The green scrubs are worn in​ a​ sterile, or​ scrubbed, workplace. The name scrubs seemed like a​ natural evolutionary step in​ medical apparel.

Green scrubs can be found almost anywhere but are prevalent in​ the hospital setting. Medical clinics have a​ less stringent policy concerning workplace attire and favorite cartoon characters, logos, and preferred prints. Green scrubs do not just come in​ green anymore either. You can get scrubs in​ a​ choice of​ attractive, colorful, and professional colors.

Of course, scrubs have been a​ part of​ our medical industry because they are clean, neat, and sterile – just like the medical facility. The scrubs are a​ direct representation of​ that particular medical facility.

Since the late 1910s, medical attire has been found to​ be useful in​ and out of​ surgery. Once upon a​ time surgical scrubs were only used during surgery in​ the extremely sanitized and scrubbed environment. However, history has shown that the surgical area is​ not the only place where sterility is​ necessary.

Illnesses and bacterium are spread easily in​ a​ medical setting. The sterile environment assists in​ stopping the spread of​ nasty contagions reducing the expectancy of​ everything from the flu to​ staph infections. Green scrubs act as​ a​ barrier between those contagions and the medical staff.

Choosing green scrubs is​ a​ simple way to​ protect you, your co-workers or​ staff, the patient, and visitors.

No matter whether you are a​ doctor, nurse, or​ part of​ the clerical staff, the benefits of​ scrubs is​ undeniable. Green scrubs have an​ interesting history that is​ ever-evolving. Today, more and more medical professionals are choosing the unique look of​ fashion scrubs or​ designer scrubs. Yes, you can have a​ sterile ensemble while retaining your own personality.

Green Scrubs A Short History In Review

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