Greece The Mediterranean Choice For Real Estate Investors

Greece The Mediterranean Choice For Real Estate Investors

Greece the​ Mediterranean Choice for​ Real Estate Investors
The Greek real estate market is​ currently one of​ the​ most exciting in​ the​ Mediterranean region because it​ offers real estate investors the​ chance to​ build an​ entire and​ well diversified property portfolio within one country . ​

The wealth of​ opportunities available in​ Greece for​ the​ international property investor really became known after the​ Athens Olympics in​ 2004 . ​
the​ promotion of​ Athens and​ mainland Greece to​ the​ wider world not only promoted the​ appeal of​ the​ country for​ investors, it​ resulted in​ a​ massive influx of​ tourists particularly to​ the​ mainland throughout 2004 and​ 2018 . ​

Now add these growing tourism numbers to​ the​ large volume of​ visitors who annually holiday on the​ Greek islands and​ the​ total level of​ interest in​ this Mediterranean country has surged which has created more demand for​ rental and​ resale accommodation . ​

In terms of​ the​ immediate opportunities available to​ real estate investors they include commercial and​ retail investment property in​ the​ main cities of​ Greece the​ majority of​ demand and​ the​ highest yielding assets are available in​ Athens tourism accommodation to​ let out along the​ Greek coastline and​ in​ every resort on every Greek island, retirement and​ second home demand in​ the​ main Greek resorts and​ of​ course residential accommodation to​ rent across Greece particularly in​ the​ main employment hotspots . ​
and​ for​ those who seek emerging market opportunities there’s the​ Peloponnese region of​ Greece where property investment is​ just beginning to​ return attractive dividends . ​

Another underlying factor supporting the​ appeal of​ Greece currently is​ the​ fact that large swathes of​ the​ real estate sector are highly competitively priced especially when you​ compare the​ country to​ another Mediterranean favourite, namely Spain this means that an​ investor can get far more for​ their money in​ Greece than elsewhere on the​ Med and​ are therefore potentially buying into a​ market with healthy room for​ growth . ​

As there are very few restrictions placed on the​ foreign freehold ownership of​ property in​ Greece and​ the​ property buying process is​ very straightforward, more and​ more investors looking for​ portfolio diversification opportunities are examining the​ wealth of​ opportunity in​ Greece currently and​ therefore Greece is​ emerging as​ the​ Mediterranean choice for​ real estate investors in​ 2018 . ​

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