Greatest Vitamin

Greatest Vitamin Sources
There is​ a​ lot of​ debate as​ to​ what the​ greatest vitamin actually is​ . ​
Each vitamin has its own essential functions that contribute to​ a​ person’s general health and​ wellbeing . ​
it​ is​ impossible to​ actually state that one of​ these is​ the​ greatest vitamin . ​
However there are a​ number of​ foods that provide the​ greatest vitamin quantities . ​

The greatest vitamin sources vary for​ each vitamin . ​
it​ is​ important to​ have a​ balanced diet to​ ensure that the​ required amounts of​ each vitamin are obtained . ​
However,​ it​ may be useful to​ list the​ greatest vitamin sources for​ each vitamin to​ be used as​ a​ guide . ​

* Greatest vitamin a​ sources are milk,​ eggs,​ butter,​ yellow fruits & vegetables,​ dark green fruits & vegetables,​ liver
* Greatest vitamin B1 sources are brewer’s yeast,​ whole grains,​ blackstrap molasses,​ brown rice,​ organ meats,​ egg yolk
* Greatest vitamin B2 sources are brewer’s yeast,​ whole grains,​ legumes,​ nuts,​ organ meats,​ blackstrap molasses
* Greatest vitamin B3 sources are lean meats,​ poultry & fish,​ brewer’s yeast,​ peanuts,​ milk,​ rice bran,​ potatoes
* Greatest vitamin B4 sources are egg yolks,​ organ meats,​ brewer’s yeast,​ wheat germ,​ soybeans,​ fish,​ legumes
* Greatest vitamin B5 sources are organ meats,​ egg yolks,​ legumes,​ whole grains,​ wheat germ,​ salmon,​ brewer’s yeast
* Greatest vitamin B6 sources are meats,​ whole grains,​ organ meats brewer’s yeast,​ blackstrap molasses,​ wheat germ
* Greatest vitamin B7 sources are egg yolks,​ liver,​ unpolished rice,​ brewer’s yeast,​ sardines,​ legumes,​ whole grains
* Greatest vitamin B8 sources are who1e grains,​ citrus fruits,​ molasses,​ meat,​ milk,​ nuts,​ vegetables,​ brewer’s yeast
* Greatest vitamin B9 sources are darkgreen leafy vegetables,​ organ meats,​ root vegetables,​ oysters,​ salmon,​ milk
* Greatest vitamin B12 sources are organ meats,​ fish,​ pork,​ eggs,​ cheese,​ milk,​ lamb,​ bananas,​ kelp,​ peanuts
* Greatest vitamin B13 sources are root vegetables,​ liquid whey
* Greatest vitamin B15 sources are brewer’s yeast,​ rare steaks,​ brown rice,​ sunflower,​ pumpkin & sesame seeds
* Greatest vitamin B17 sources are whole kernels of​ apricots,​ apples,​ cherries,​ peaches,​ plums
* Greatest vitamin C sources are citrus,​ cabbage family,​ chilli peppers,​ berries,​ melons,​ asparagus,​ rose hips
* Greatest vitamin D sources are salmon,​ sardines,​ herring,​ milk,​ egg yolk,​ organ meats,​ sprouted seeds,​ sunflower seeds
* Greatest vitamin E sources are coldpressed oils,​ eggs,​ wheat germ,​ organ meats,​ molasses,​ sweet potatoes,​ nuts
* Greatest vitamin F sources are vegetable oils,​ butter,​ sunflower seeds
* Greatest vitamin K sources are green leafy vegetables,​ egg yolks,​ safflower oil,​ blackstrap molasses,​ cauliflower
* Greatest vitamin Q sources are pinto beans,​ legumes,​ soybeans
* Greatest vitamin T sources are sesame seeds,​ raw seeds,​ butter,​ egg yolk
* Greatest vitamin V sources are raw cabbage,​ sauerkraut,​ leafy vegetables

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