Great Web Content Higher Search Engine Rank

Great Web Content Higher Search Engine Rank

Here’s a​ scenario you don’t want to​ happen:
You’ve spent hours and​ hours researching the​ best most profitable keywords for​ your particular affiliate web page. You chose these keywords because they have good demand, people are searching these terms yet they are not so competitive that they are impossible to​ rank well for​ within the​ top 2 pages of​ Google MSN or​ Yahoo.

You’ve also gained a​ few quality inbound links via reciprocal link partners and​ writing a​ few relevant articles that have inbound links pointing at​ your target page.

The search engines have rewarded your efforts by giving you a​ top 20 listing this popular search term.

You notice an​ increase in​ traffic to​ this page. No doubt due to​ the​ exposure in​ the​ SE’s.

After a​ few days you notice your page is​ dropped like a​ hot potato and​ your top 20 ranking is​ gone you’re now on page 11 buried... never to​ be found!

Lets back track to​ see what might have happened.

1. Web surfer types in​ your popular term into the​ SE (MSN, Google…) (great!)
2. Your listing displays in​ the​ first two pages of​ search results (great!)
3. Visitor reads your description which seems relevant and​ decides to​ click and​ visit your page (great!)
4. Visitor enters your page and​ quickly leaves…(Not great!)

What happened?

You did everything correctly in​ leading the​ visitor to​ your page with good keywords and​ offpage optimization, but they left because your web content was not compelling, relevant or​ interesting enough to​ grab and​ keep their attention.

You will eventually lose SE rankings if​ the​ major SE’s detect this pattern of​ visitor behavior, that is, where the​ visitor finds your site through legitimate keyword search yet quickly clicks back to​ the​ search results page and​ continues looking.


Because the​ SE’s will deem your pages not relevant for​ that particular search term.
Remember, there is​ a​ correlation between web content - higher search engine rank and​ increased online traffic.

It is​ therefore critical to​ write compelling, interesting relevant content especially for​ affiliate type websites. Do not try to​ hard sell the​ affiliate products you are trying to​ get visitors to​ click on (your merchant site). Instead, pre-sell them with the​ best information stressing in​ real terms what the​ benefits are to​ the​ visitor. You want them to​ willingly click on the​ merchant link with an​ “ open to​ buy “ mentality.

There is​ an​ art to​ writing content to​ pre-sell your visitors…

Here are a​ few tips:

Stress the​ Benefits Early

What you say will greatly effect if​ the​ person stays or​ leaves your web page. This seems like the​ most obvious thing yet so many web sites get it​ wrong. You must quickly within the​ first few seconds (remember this is​ internet time) establish the​ benefit of​ whatever your page is​ promoting…and how it​ is​ useful to​ the​ visitor.
Leave the​ "I " and​ "About Us" pages out of​ site until the​ visitor has gained trust looking for​ what they want whether you're providing information or​ actual products.

Read Your Page From the​ Visitors Perspective

Sure you understand what you are saying, you wrote it! But is​ it​ really clear to​ a​ first time visitor? Strive to​ make the​ complex sound simple…that's what communicating is​ really about. Hopefully your website topic or​ theme isn't about something inherently complex however you still need to​ stand back and​ reread it.
Don't assume the​ visitor has great knowledge about what you are writing about so don't leave things out that you think are unimportant. Make sure you define any jargon or​ industry related terms that may confuse the​ visitor.
Make sure your content flows logically. Avoid the​ scattered thought syndrome where ideas are all over the​ page. Reread.
Make sure your page navigation is​ consistent from page to​ page. if​ the​ visitor gets lost a​ good site map can solve this problem; make sure this link is​ included with your main navigation.

These are just 2 important and​ effective methods of​ creating better content.
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Great Web Content Higher Search Engine Rank

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