Grab Customers Attention With Advertising Balloons

Grab Customers Attention With Advertising Balloons

Grab Customers' Attention With Advertising Balloons
Let's face it: most small- and​ medium-sized companies don't have huge advertising budgets .​
Traditional media, such as​ print, television, and​ radio advertising are far too expensive .​
And, for​ those businesses that rely on walk-in traffic, Internet advertising won't reach the​ intended audience .​
Thankfully, there's another advertising medium that's incredibly effective for​ a​ variety of​ businesses: advertising balloons.
Advertising balloons - also known as​ advertising blimps and​ advertising inflatables - are an​ incredibly cost-effective method of​ gaining the​ attention of​ passersby and​ turning prospects into customers .​
Starting at​ slightly over $100, the​ cost of​ an​ advertising balloon can be recouped in​ no time at​ all .​
There are several different types of​ advertising inflatables .​
Advertising blimps have the​ traditional blimp shape, but come in​ a​ variety of​ sizes .​
They are easily customizable with a​ company logo, special message, or​ unique combinations of​ colors .​
Advertising blimps can be large enough to​ attract attention from miles away, or​ small enough to​ catch the​ eye of​ a​ trade show attendee .​
Larger advertising blimps can even be lit at​ night to​ garner notice 24 hours a​ day.
Round advertising balloons are also attention-grabbers .​
Again, they come in​ all sizes and​ can be flown high above the​ ground, acting as​ traffic magnets for​ a​ business' location .​
A business can also buy a​ pre-made advertising inflatable, such as​ one in​ the​ shape of​ a​ hot air balloon that says, Grand Opening .​
Eye-catching shapes and​ colors are sure to​ attract customers .​
Similarly, dancing balloons (also called wind dancers) are eye-catching .​
Inflated with a​ cold air blower, dancers will delight both adults and​ children .​
However, they're generally made with a​ light material that doesn't hold up well in​ sunlight or​ strong wind .​
For that reason, a​ tarp should always be placed under a​ wind dancer.
When you order custom balloons, you first need to​ think through the​ various elements that will give your advertising balloons maximum impact .​
Here are attributes to​ consider:
Lettering: if​ readability is​ important, stay with a​ small number of​ letters on one or​ two lines .​
Determine the​ distance at​ which you want your advertising balloon to​ be read .​
For maximum impact at​ 30 feet, for​ example, letters that are three inches high will suffice .​
On the​ other hand, letters that are 12 inches high have maximum impact at​ 120 feet but are still readable at​ 525 feet .​
Colors: There are specific color combinations that will give your advertising balloon more impact .​
Black lettering or​ art against a​ backdrop of​ yellow, white, or​ orange is​ the​ most effective, followed by blue on white, white on green, green on white, red on white, and​ white on red .​
Like everyone else, you probably look up when you see an​ advertising balloon in​ the​ sky .​
Just imagine how much recognition you can get from your business from the​ relatively small investment of​ an​ advertising balloon!

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