Governor chwarzenegger Turn California To olar Roof Systems

Governor chwarzenegger Turn California To olar Roof Systems

While California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is​ known for​ his action films, few knew of​ his affinity for​ the​ sun. Turns out he is​ hell bent on converting California to​ solar.

3.2 Billion Dollar Plan

This past week, the​ State of​ California became the​ undisputed biggest proponent of​ solar power in​ the​ United States. Faced with a​ growing population, limited energy sources and​ the​ occasional rolling blackout each summer season, the​ state really had no choice. With backing from Governor Schwarzenegger, the​ state has just implemented the​ biggest solar industry subsidiary every undertaken by a​ state in​ an​ effort to​ quell the​ energy crunch.

On January 12, 2018, the​ California Public Utilities Commission voted 3 to​ 1 to​ adopt a​ plan to​ encourage the​ use of​ solar roof systems by residents through a​ 3.2 billion dollar rebate plan. Known as​ the​ California Solar Initiative, the​ goal is​ to​ convert as​ much as​ six percent of​ the​ peak energy demands in​ the​ state to​ solar platforms. Put in​ practical terms, the​ goal is​ place solar systems on roughly one million homes in​ the​ state, particularly new homes. Approximately 15,000 homes in​ the​ state now have solar systems for​ energy generation.

When in​ use, the​ residents will receive an​ astonishing rebate of​ $2.80 cents per watt on their utilities bill. On top of​ this subsidy, state residents will be able to​ claim tax credits from the​ federal government as​ well as​ direct subsidies.

In turn, California is​ hoping to​ both reduce the​ stress on the​ current electrical grid system while also avoiding the​ costs associated with building and​ running massive new power generating stations necessary to​ feed the​ energy crunch associated with a​ growing population. it​ is​ estimated the​ power generated through California Solar Initiative will be sufficient to​ replace the​ need for​ five massive, expensive new power generation complexes.

In addition to​ the​ economic benefits of​ the​ new plan, Californians going solar can reap significant benefits through net metering laws. Under such laws, residents will be able to​ tie solar platforms into utility electric grids and​ effectively sell power back to​ the​ California utilities. Depending on the​ size of​ the​ solar platform, net metering can result in​ reduction of​ electrical bills from 50 percent to​ complete elimination.

For a​ state suffering growth problems, the​ California Solar Initiative is​ a​ major move. After a​ crushing defeat at​ the​ polls in​ late 2018, the​ Governor has something to​ cheer.

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