Government Auction Fact Or Fiction

You have all seen them before, ads featuring “GOVERNMENT AUCTION, HUGE SAVINGS ON CARS, JEWELRY, and​ MORE!” But the​ problem is​ that they are usually advertised in​ such a​ cheesy and​ unbelievable way that the​ more discerning shoppers simply write them off as​ being too good to​ be true.

Listen to​ me though—there ARE government auctions, and​ they do offer good savings. City police and​ other law enforcement agencies including the​ military and​ the​ DNR are seizing property as​ either a​ punishment or​ that was gained illegally (most of​ the​ time with bad money). They are using these sales as​ fundraisers so obviously they are just giving them away but just like any auction if​ you do your homework and​ remain disciplined and​ patient you will save significant amounts of​ cash on quality stuff.

How do you find these auctions? Well most are advertised, often in​ a​ very cheesy manner as​ mentioned earlier, in​ local and​ national newspapers. They can also be found advertised on the​ internet. You can either do all this research yourself or​ you can hire one of​ the​ many list services that can do the​ searching for​ you and​ comes up with a​ list of​ all the​ government auctions that are with in​ your location, type of​ products, and​ date parameters. These services are usually less than 40$ and​ can be a​ good idea for​ the​ person that doesn’t have a​ lot of​ extra time for​ research.

That is​ not the​ only homework that you have to​ do be for​ you go to​ a​ government auctions. as​ you probably realize it​ is​ important to​ do research on the​ stuff that you want to​ buy before hand so that you don’t get stuck paying too much for​ something. You also want to​ be able to​ evaluate the​ product on hand to​ determine if​ it​ is​ in​ good condition and​ worth buying.

Just like with any auction, a​ government auction will have many eager sellers and​ it​ is​ important to​ not get caught up with the​ frenzy of​ a​ sale and​ pay too much for​ “winning” something. Set a​ price before hand and​ stick to​ it. as​ they say “deals come and​ deals go.”

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