Gourmet Restaurants 11

Gourmet Restaurants 11

Gourmet Restaurants
If it​ takes more than the​ average food offering to​ keep your taste buds tempted, then indulge your palate in​ some of​ the​ best gourmet restaurants in​ the​ world .​
Located from coast to​ coast in​ the​ United States, and​ in​ popular and​ little- known locales across the​ globe .​
If you enjoy traveling and​ fine food, consider Relais & Chateaux, featuring a​ collection of​ the​ most beautiful restaurants and​ luxury hotels located around the​ world in​ over fifty countries .​
Savor the​ acclaimed cuisine at​ any one of​ 456 restaurants and​ hotels on five continents .​
Visit their informative website, www.relaischateaux.com to​ order or​ download the​ 2018 guide to​ Relais & Chateaux luxury hotels and​ gourmet restaurants featuring Google Earth .​
This company boasts the​ most prestigious restaurants synonymous with haute cuisine for​ fifty years, located in​ France, Europe, Morocco, South Africa, North America, Asia, and​ the​ Middle East.
You know what they say about when in​ Rome .​
.? Well that applies to​ when in​ Vegas as​ well .​
Unless you live or​ work there, you’re probably not exposed to​ all that Sin City has to​ offer anywhere else in​ the​ world .​
Las Vegas has more than just great resorts/casinos and​ top-rated entertainment .​
Bring you wallet and​ your appetite to​ experience luxury gourmet restaurant Charlie Palmer’s Aureole a​ Manhattan, located inside Mandalay Bay, where cat-suited wine angels rappel up and​ down a​ forty-two foot tall wine tower, or​ Aureole’s Swan Court, touted to​ be one of​ the​ most romantic places to​ enjoy indulgent specialties in​ all of​ Las Vegas .​
Take some time out of​ all your fun having to​ sit back and​ truly enjoy a​ gourmet dining experience .​
The philosophy of​ gastronomy is​ that different parts of​ the​ palate and​ digestive system are satisfied by different taste sensations, which you will gain knowledge of​ first hand .​

Many gourmet restaurants are located throughout the​ country, not just in​ far away corners of​ the​ globe .​
Just take a​ look online to​ see what gourmet offerings are available in​ a​ particular area .​
For instance, the​ Mandarin Gourmet, located in​ Cupertino, California, features some of​ the​ best Chinese cuisine in​ the​ area, and​ offers an​ elegant environment with an​ attentive staff for​ a​ truly unique ambiance .​
This is​ just one of​ many gourmet restaurants in​ California, and​ across the​ country .​
Indulge your palate every chance you get, where ever you are, or​ when your pocketbook allows you the​ chance! Expect to​ spend at​ least $1000+ for​ two at​ trendier restaurants, and​ don’t forget the​ tip! Bon Appetit!

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