Gourmet Coffee Information

Gourmet Coffee Information
Coffee is​ made from those little beans that wake us up on the mornings and​ get most of​ us through the day . ​
There is​ nothing quite like a​ cozy cup of​ gourmet coffee after a​ rough day or​ celebrating a​ great day . ​

Starbucks have done their research and​ know the perfect cup of​ coffee starts with only the best beans . ​
Finding the right gourmet coffee information has made Starbucks the best in​ the coffee industry . ​
They are famous for​ their exceptionally high quality of​ gourmet coffees, gourmet coffee information, and​ expertise in​ coffee roast . ​
Each coffee is​ selected with care to​ look for​ the best defining qualities that distinguish its origin and​ from other beans . ​
This careful examination process shows why Starbucks passion for​ buying, roasting the worlds best coffee and​ utilizing it’s gourmet coffee information to​ give the consumers the best coffee ever . ​

How does Starbucks roast their coffee
Starbucks takes pride in​ how they roast their coffee . ​
The Starbucks Roast has a​ distinct color and​ brings out a​ very strong taste and​ aroma with maximum flavor . ​
Starbucks uses its gourmet coffee information to​ roast the green coffee beans by heating them in​ a​ large rotating drum . ​
it​ takes about seven minutes of​ intense heat before much of​ the moisture in​ the beans evaporates . ​
The beans turn into a​ yellow color and​ smell similar to​ popcorn . ​
The gourmet coffee information reveals that the beans will come out double in​ size and​ crackle as​ they expand . ​
They are now light brown . ​
After the first pop in​ the rotating drum, it​ is​ apparent that the coffee is​ almost roasted . ​

What happens to​ Starbucks coffee at​ harvest time
When it​ is​ time to​ harvest the coffee, Starbucks uses its gourmet coffee information to​ be able to​ identify that the coffee is​ ready to​ picked when it​ has a​ bright red color . ​
The coffee is​ then picked and​ examined . ​
The coffee skin looks very thick and​ has a​ bitter flavor . ​
There is​ a​ type of​ fruitlike substance beneath the skin that is​ intensely sweet . ​
Below the fruit is​ the parchment that is​ covered with mucilage . ​
This mucilage serves as​ a​ protective cover for​ the seed, similar to​ that of​ an​ apple seed . ​

Starbucks coffee is​ the best in​ the world according to​ the annual sales that it​ reports . ​
in​ addition to​ harvesting their own coffee, Starbuck’s gourmet coffee information allows them to​ evaluate thousands of​ samples each year to​ improve their stock . ​
The coffee is​ examined by roasting small portions of​ coffee and​ doing a​ taste test . ​
There is​ a​ small amount of​ these that get selected . ​
Employees at​ Starbucks are hired to​ buy coffee and​ spend weeks on the road traveling to​ different countries and​ locations . ​
These buyers don’t just travel to​ buy coffee . ​
However, they do continue to​ learn more about gourmet coffee information to​ take back for​ production increase . ​
They also continue to​ build relationships with growers and​ suppliers from around the world for​ the continued success of​ the company . ​

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