Google Best Search Engine Optimization SEO Practices Part 1

Google Best Search Engine Optimization SEO Practices Part 1

This article will guide you​ through the​ important steps on​ how to​ create and maintain sites in​ Google. if​ you​ have an​ existing site,​ use this as​ a​ reference to​ ensure that you​ are doing everything right. I am going to​ review 5 areas at​ a​ time.

First things first… the​ domain name dilemma.
Your domain name should be brandable. Keyword rich with hyphens type of​ domains are not longer relevant. Focus on​ a​ .com since it​ is​ the​ one searchers will enter when not sure about extensions,​ and is​ the​ easiest to​ brand. as​ far as​ registering it,​ do it​ for more than one year since this helps with the​ “trustbox” in​ Google. if​ you​ have many related domain names for the​ same content it​ is​ always good to​ only take one as​ the​ main domain and to​ redirect (301) any others to​ it. This way,​ you​ can make sure not to​ have duplicate content issues.

Less is​ more,​ when it​ comes to​ web design.
Your text content should outweigh your html code. Make sure your code is​ “search engine friendly”. That is​ a​ big different with being W3C compliant. the​ W3C is​ too limited,​ and a​ lot of​ code warnings will appear with perfectly acceptable code. Their validation system is​ simply outdated. you​ want to​ be search engine compliant,​ not W3C compliant. Keep this in​ mind.

Javascript and CSS,​ in​ code or​ out?
Good question. JavaScript and CSS should be in​ external files. They will increase page size otherwise. Specially when having the​ same code for menus or​ styles on​ multiple pages,​ when this can be easily fixed by doing it​ externally.

Demystifying the​ page size limit.
There is​ NOT page size limitation here. There you​ have it. the​ 101kb limit thing is​ absolutely incorrect. But do not take this the​ wrong way. you​ need to​ make sure the​ size of​ your page is​ about 40K on​ average. Up to​ 50K is​ OK. Consider loading time as​ a​ factor,​ and the​ text/graphics ratio is​ very important.

Web hosting solutions and their impact.
Use your own dedicated server whenever possible. Make sure you​ have a​ static IP address assigned to​ either individual domains or​ groups of​ domains,​ and make sure that it​ is​ clean,​ by not being in​ any blacklist.

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