Good Web Hosting What Is It

Good Web Hosting What Is It

With hundreds of​ web hosting companies to​ choose from today it​ can be hard to​ know which ones are actually worth using. Below is​ a​ guide of​ things to​ look for​ in​ a​ web host:

  • Services - a​ lot of​ times we are sold on the​ idea that bigger is​ better. I like to​ look at​ web hosting companies with a​ quality over quantity perspective. if​ lets say you need a​ site to​ just simply host your little guy’s minor league soccer team, do you really need a​ terabyte of​ bandwidth? Are you ever going to​ make use of​ all of​ those gigabytes of​ storage space. a​ lot of​ webhosting companies will oversell their servers in​ this way, and​ rely on the​ little sites that won’t reach their limits to​ keep things running. These companies are spreading themselves thin, and​ I wouldn’t recommend getting on board with one of​ them. Find a​ host that is​ going to​ meet your sites current needs, and​ that also allows room for​ growth.
  • Prices - I’ve seen small packages go for​ expensive sums, and​ large packages go for​ very cheap. This goes back to​ the​ point above, and​ also the​ point below. Make sure that you are actually getting what you pay for! Getting more than you pay for​ isn’t normally a​ good thing, as​ chances are you aren’t with a​ top quality host as​ they recognize that to​ keep things running they need to​ charge more. Another way in​ which Web Hosting companies will often cut costs is​ in​ their Customer Service. Most hosting companies online are simply reseller services, and​ can have terrible response times and​ customer support, as​ they are over extended or​ simply don’t care.
  • Customer Service - This I feel is​ the​ most important aspect to​ keep in​ mind when looking for​ a​ good web host. Don’t over look this! Chances are at​ one point in​ the​ life of​ your website you are going to​ have a​ problem with your host, or​ a​ question, inquiry,etc. What good is​ it​ if​ they don’t answer? Look for​ hosts that provide 24/7 email support. Email is​ the​ most common although a​ lot of​ hosts will also offer live chat, and​ some even phone support. Support I feel is​ what makes or​ breaks a​ host. Datacenters are all pretty similar, and​ often times a​ lot of​ resellers are at​ the​ same datacenter. Test out a​ company’s response time. and​ over a​ couple days. One my first hosting experiences I found a​ site with live chat, got online, asked my questions, and​ then joined. a​ few days later I had some support problems, and​ there was no one there, same thing a​ month later,etc. Even just to​ cancel my account took a​ month. Quality hosts will be consistent and​ timely with their support.

    Web hosting can be a​ pleasant experience or​ it​ can be a​ nightmare. Take your time and​ test out a​ company before you join. a​ little time now, will save you a​ lot of​ time/energy/money down the​ road!

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