Good Web Design What Is It

Good Web Design What Is It

There is​ unlimited possibilities when it​ comes to​ designing a​ website. Flash, Database, content management, Client Login, etc,etc. a​ question to​ ask yourself when deciding how to​ do your website is:

How can I most effectively present my information to​ my visitors

Of course there are several things to​ consider like budget but I feel that when talking strictly design it​ is​ important to​ put your visitors as​ first priority as​ they are the​ reason you are building the​ website.

  • Flash - Flash I find is​ normally over done. it​ can do wonders to​ a​ site if​ used right, but it​ can also make a​ site look awful if​ not used correctly. to​ simply put it: if​ you have multimedia content on your website consider flash, if​ you don’t: stay away from it​ altogether. Flash is​ more time consuming to​ develop, and​ it​ can take away a​ lot of​ important aspects from your sites like Search Engine Optimization.
  • Database - Adding a​ database back end to​ your site can be very useful if​ you are going to​ be storing a​ lot of​ data, or​ if​ you are going to​ be changing information often. if​ you are just simply putting a​ page with your contacts online, I wouldn’t recommend using a​ database backend, again for​ the​ time that it​ costs to​ develop and​ especially for​ the​ minor benefit that you will see. On the​ other hand if​ you are storing all of​ your products online and​ you need the​ ability to​ update/add/delete products often I wouldn’t recommend not using a​ database and​ some type of​ content management.
  • Content Management - Content management is​ most likely used with a​ database back end in​ which you will have a​ control panel that you can use to​ “Manage Content”. Content that can be managed is​ anything and​ everything. Sample uses for​ Content Management are:
  • Managing Products – Add new and​ delete/edit existing
  • News/Journals – if​ you want the​ ability to​ constantly update your site with current news items or​ journals
  • Page Layout - Some more advanced Content Management systems will all you to​ manage all aspects of​ your site from the​ layout to​ the​ colors!

    Again I stress the​ importance of​ putting your visitors first. Although you might think it​ would be cool to​ have a​ flashy intro and​ design, your visitors might find it​ annoying and​ distracting.

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