Good Skin Care 03

Good Skin Care 03

When we're children,​ we​ never ponder things like grooming and taking proper care of​ our image .​
All is​ simple in​ those days .​
We hop out of​ bed,​ pull on​ some random clothes,​ clean or​ filthy,​ it​ doesn't really matter .​
Maybe we​ take a​ bath before going to​ bed at​ night and maybe we​ don't .​
You've got to​ love the​ simplicity of​ those days .​
And as​ far as​ good skin care goes,​ it's virtually irrelevant .​
Our skin is​ flawless at​ that age by nature .​
Not that we​ appreciate the​ fact at​ that time .​
However,​ as​ we​ grow into our teen years,​ there's no doubt that we'd love to​ have that flawless complexion back .​
Well,​ just maybe it's an​ option .​
There are things you can do to​ improve your complexion .​
This statement applies to​ everyone,​ regardless of​ your skin type .​
a​ large part of​ your skin's clarity and balance concerns your diet .​
Some foods/nutrients that will benefit your complexion are; prune juice,​ flaxseed,​ water,​ fiber from vegetables,​ and omega 3 .​
Look for ways you can incorporate these into your regular diet .​
As far as​ protein goes,​ fatty fishes such as​ salmon are great for skin and hair .​
This can be your source of​ omega 3s .​
On the​ flip-side,​ there are several things you should avoid if​ you're interested in​ good skin care routines .​
Americans are notorious for indulging heavily in​ sugary snacks and high sodium foods .​
These can truly throw your skin out-of-whack .​
In fact,​ those random breakouts you receive are likely linked to​ your dietary habits .​
As much as​ most of​ us enjoy junk food,​ we​ all have to​ set a​ limit .​
The products you use naturally play a​ role .​
Good skin care doesn't always mean doing more .​
As opposed to​ scrubbing your face with expensive cleaners three times a​ day,​ try washing that mug twice a​ day max .​
Our skin has natural oil that keeps it​ radiant and moisturized .​
When you cleanse it​ too often,​ you wash these oils away,​ hence making it​ dry and irritated .​
Irritated skin can definitely lead to​ more breakouts .​
Finally,​ a​ few last good skin care tips are to​ avoid excessive sun exposure,​ moisturize where needed,​ and be gentle when applying cleansers,​ scrubs and treatments .​
Your face requires a​ soft touch .​

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