Good Reasons To Have A Wireless Network

Good Reasons To Have A Wireless Network

Good Reasons To Have a​ Wireless Network
Having a​ wireless network opens up many possibilities.
Wireless networks provide an​ inexpensive and​ easy way to​ share a​ single Internet connection among several computers .​
This means you only need one modem, and​ you can add additional computers to​ the​ network just by plugging in​ a​ wireless card and​ turning them on .​
The new machines are connected to​ the​ Internet immediately.
A wireless network also lets you access files and​ printers from anywhere in​ your home .​
It allows you to​ synchronize files you have on your laptop with your home computer, and​ you can easily send files between computers as​ well .​
Using a​ wireless network to​ transfer files is​ faster than sending them via e-mail or​ burning them to​ a​ CD! Because printers connected to​ one of​ the​ computers on a​ network are shared by all the​ computers on that network, you can write documents anywhere in​ your home, press the​ ‘print’ button, and​ collect the​ printed files from a​ printer that is​ connected to​ another computer.
If you are a​ game player, you’ve probably noticed that your games often have an​ option to​ play over a​ local area network or​ LAN .​
Wireless networks are LANs! This means you and​ your family can play these games together and​ don’t have to​ be on computers that are next to​ each other to​ do so .​
Let’s face it​ – it’s more fun to​ play against real people, and​ it’s even more fun to​ play against people you know instead of​ strangers on the​ Internet .​
Your games will also play much faster over your LAN .​
Additionally, you can connect game consoles to​ the​ Internet and​ begin playing these games online .​
It is​ much easier to​ experience online play through an​ Xbox or​ PlayStation 2 that is​ connected to​ a​ wireless network than have to​ use a​ modem!
Wireless network connections are always on .​
This means you can connect to​ the​ Internet whenever you want without waiting for​ your modem to​ dial in .​
Laptops can be carried from room to​ room, and​ they will always have access to​ the​ Internet .​
Since wireless networks operate without the​ need to​ log in, you don’t need to​ set up usernames or​ passwords.
The single greatest thing about a​ wireless network is​ that it​ is, well, wireless! the​ biggest reason to​ have a​ wireless network is​ because it​ eliminates the​ need for​ costly, ugly, and​ dangerous wires trailing all over your house .​
You can use your computer in​ any room you want – no more being trapped near a​ phone outlet or​ walking over that tangle of​ wires in​ your home .​
The cost of​ getting enough Ethernet cables can add up, and​ sometimes, you may even have to​ make holes in​ your walls to​ set up a​ wired network .​
If you’re renting, of​ course, this is​ impossible .​
With a​ wireless network, you don’t have these problems - you can even use your computer outside if​ you want! and​ if​ you move, there is​ no need to​ disconnect and​ pack up all those wires, and​ you no longer have to​ examine all the​ wires for​ damage whenever your Internet connection goes down.
You can see how having a​ wireless network can simplify your life.

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