Good Quality Cheap Web Hosting

Good Quality Cheap Web Hosting

If you plan to​ own a​ new website, you will need to​ host your website on a​ web server. When your website goes live on the​ web server, online users can then browse your website on the​ Internet. Company that provides the​ web servers to​ host your website is​ called web hosting providers.

A web hosting provider will typically have a​ fast connection to​ the​ Internet housed in​ a​ physical building called 'data center' and​ they may host thousands of​ web sites on many servers. the​ web host essentially rents out space to​ you so that you can get your website up on the​ world wide web.

With a​ well-managed web host, you can free yourself from worrying the​ up-keep of​ complicated server technology and​ proper technical maintenance. That's the​ whole purpose of​ the​ web hosting companies. You should leave the​ technical work to​ web hosting professional while you focus on your own internet business.

There are thousands of​ web hosting providers on the​ internet and​ how do you decide which one you should use? Sites like can help you by comparing all best hosting providers.

The features that web hosting companies are offering are getting quite standard nowadays. There are basic features that you'll need in​ a​ web host. You can find out more here.

To give a​ web host a​ competitive edge over others, more attractive features are very necessary. You'll find that many hosts are willing to​ give away free stuff that used to​ cost over $10 per month.

These are some of​ the​ advanced features that our top hosts are offering.

* Web Buider Many of​ our top 10 hosts offer powerful web builder program called SiteStudio. SiteStudio allows you to​ make sites without any html, FTP and​ HTTP knowledge. You can also build site on the​ fly while at​ home, school or​ even at​ work. Hostgator's SiteStudio has over 500 ready-made templates for​ you to​ choose from.

* Ecommerce Enabled if​ you are selling products on your site, you need a​ merchant account. a​ shopping cart is​ a​ useful tool if​ you have more than 1 product in​ different categories. SSL(Secured Sockets Layer) is​ a​ must-have if​ you need to​ receive valuable information such as​ your customers' credit card information. PowWeb, Hostgator and​ Lunarpages provide osCommerce shopping cart and​ shared SSL for​ your ecommerce needs.

* Marketing Package Most marketing package including search engine submission software, keyword generator and​ link checker. Some hosting companies like iPower have established partnership with Yahoo! Search (previously known as​ Overture) and​ Google Adwords to​ offer you pay-per-click credit to​ jump start your business.


The best marketing method is​ by far from word of​ mouth. if​ you sign up for​ a​ web host and​ are satisfied with the​ performance, most likely you'll recommend to​ anyone who is​ looking for​ a​ good host. Big web hosting companies know about this concept so well that they would go all out to​ retain their existing customer. the​ more satisfied customers they have, the​ more popularity they'll get. We take this as​ an​ important indicator of​ how good a​ host is. # There are a​ few factors that we judge the​ popularity of​ a​ particular web hosting provider.Number of​ existing customers. # the​ satisfaction level of​ their existing customers: We manage to​ get hold of​ their existing customers from the​ positive reviews they submitted through our host comment form, their comment in​ the​ 3rd party web hosting and​ inhouse forums and​ the​ customers' comment found on other hosting directories. # the​ amount of​ pretigious hosting awards they won # Their sites Alexa traffic ranking

Lunarpages is​ on top among our top 10 hosts. Network Reliability, Speed and​ Uptime Guarantee

In terms of​ reliability, we are looking at​ how redundant is​ the​ server, how often the​ companies backup the​ server and​ how well they handle emergency. "Redundant" means that if​ any of​ the​ Internet connections get interrupted, the​ alternate Internet connection will take over. PowWeb Load Balancing Technology is​ one of​ the​ best that we found to​ ensure your site is​ up 99.9% all the​ time.

Good Quality Cheap Web Hosting

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