Good Girls Guide To Buying Lingerie

Good Girls Guide To Buying Lingerie

With the popularity of​ Lingerie boutiques in​ shopping malls across America the stigma of​ buying and wearing lingerie is​ now a​ thing of​ the past. However for women who’ve never bought lingerie before or​ are still a​ little shy about visiting a​ store here’s our guide for styles you are likely to​ encounter.

Baby Doll Set
A baby doll set encompasses a​ large category of​ lingerie items. Basically it’s a​ two piece set, consisting of​ a​ robe or​ loose billowy top and matching bottom. The top is​ always loose fitting and comes in​ just below the bust line, like an​ empire bodice. The top is​ very loose fitting and short, ending at​ or​ just below your rear. Baby doll sets are available in​ wide variety of​ fabrics from silk and satin to​ sheer lace.

A chemise is​ a​ short flowing A-line gown that’s longer than a​ baby doll. The top usually has spaghetti or​ halter straps. The angular shape of​ a​ chemise looks good on almost every figure type. if​ you are concerned about your mid-section look for a​ style that has built in​ figure control. Sometimes a​ chemise comes with a​ matching bottom, but this varies from style to​ style. The fabric choices range from patterned and solid silks to​ very revealing lace, so there is​ something for everyone’s taste.

A camisole is​ female undershirt. it​ is​ loose fitting and has thin spaghetti straps that go over the shoulder. It’s usually paired with a​ matching bottom. Camisoles are now also available as​ outwear. While they are not usually worn as​ formal office attire, they can be worn for casual occasions.

A corset is​ the opposite of​ a​ camisole. It’s a​ structured garment that has bones or​ ribs to​ force your body into certain proportions. The effects of​ a​ corset can be very dramatic, and can create a​ very enticing curvy shape. Some corsets are more difficult to​ wear than others, depending on how much shaping they are doing. if​ you’ve never worn one before choose something that’s not so difficult to​ get into. Corsets are also now being made as​ outwear. While not something you would wear to​ the office, they are perfect for a​ dinner party, club or​ night on the town.

Bridal Set
A bridal set or​ merry widow as​ it’s sometimes known also covers a​ wide variety of​ items. Basically it’s a​ set that consists of​ a​ bra, corset or​ camisole top. it​ also has matching panties, and usually a​ garter belt and stockings. The styles range from silk or​ satin sets with full coverage to​ skimpy string sets with very minimal overage.

Boy Shorts
If you’ve never heard of​ boy shorts think of​ sexy hot pants for your bedroom. They offer full coverage on the sides and some coverage on your rear. Conservative styles cover most if​ not all of​ your rear, the more daring styles give you partial coverage. Boy shorts are figure hugging or​ shaping, something those of​ us with less than perfect bodies will appreciate. They come in​ wide variety of​ fabric choices from comfortable cotton to​ see through lace.

Bikini bottoms offer full coverage on your rear, and have thin straps on the side. They are available in​ loose fitting of​ figure hugging styles in​ a​ wide variety of​ fabric choices.

A thong offers full to​ minimal coverage in​ the front, and has thin sides usually 1” to​ ½” in​ width that come to​ a​ t shape in​ the rear. The t-shape gives you practically no coverage on your rear. Thongs are now worn just as​ frequently outside of​ the bedroom as​ they are in​ it. if​ you are wearing tight, or​ figure hugging clothing a​ thong is​ your best solution to​ combat visible panty line. Cotton, lycra or​ micro-fiber fabrics are the most comfortable for extended wear thongs.

While the back of​ a​ thong has very minimal coverage with a​ narrow strip a​ g-string offers you no coverage, with a​ simple single strand or​ string, usually 1/8” or​ less in​ width, not for the faint of​ heart.

Garter Belt
A garter belt is​ made of​ piece of​ fabric that wraps around your hips and usually has four straps (one for the front and back of​ each leg). Sometimes the straps are attached to​ the lower edge of​ a​ corset or​ camisole top. These straps attach to​ the top of​ stockings, holding them up. The proper way to​ wear a​ garter belt is​ to​ attach the stockings first, then put on your panties. While this may look strange you’ll understand why the first time you need to​ visit the bathroom.

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