Golf Swing Weight Training A New Approach

Golf Swing Weight Training A New Approach

Golf swing weight training is​ as​ specific as​ you can get in​ regards to​ golf training to​ improve power,​ distance and iron yardages with every club. Wouldn’t you love to​ add 10 yards to​ every iron? Instead of​ a​ 150 6 iron,​ you’re hitting a​ consistent 7 iron the​ same distance.

This alone will greatly improve your “greens in​ regulation” and getting more shots closer to​ the​ pin. the​ end result is​ a​ much lower score.

Golf swing weight training shouldn’t be new to​ you. You’ve heard all the​ pros train for their game. So why shouldn’t you? Here’s one secret that can add a​ quick 20 yards to​ your driver in​ less than a​ week or​ so.

Swing a​ weighted club!

This is​ not revelating stuff,​ but I’m here to​ tell you it’s one of​ the​ quickest and most effective ways to​ increase your distances with all clubs.

The benefit is​ developing the​ exact golf swing muscles from a​ strength and flexibility standpoint within your golf swing. You'll improve your backswing and follow through range of​ motion,​ as​ well as​ your power through the​ hitting zone.

In all my dvds,​ books and websites I preach the​ importance of​ a​ balanced routine of​ both golf stretching and strengthening exercises for all your golfing muscles. This is​ critical for your long term success.

I am an​ advocate of​ this approach,​ and strongly suggest you be too. There are many muscles swing the​ weighted club don't hit that can be affecting your game. Like the​ hamstrings,​ lower back and even abs.

But how about a​ little shortcut along the​ way?

Golf swing weight training is​ something I’ve personally been doing for over 10 years and I’m fortunate enough to​ say I can consistently drive the​ ball over 300 yards. I don’t say that to​ brag,​ but to​ say this type of​ training and approach is​ effective and works!

Because I’m not a​ big guy like all those long drive competitors,​ golfers are surprised when they see me hit a​ drive. They all seem to​ ask how can I do that? Immediately I go into my golf trainer mode and precede to​ tell them the​ importance golf swing weight training and working on​ the​ “machine” to​ hit longer drives.

Within a​ couple of​ holes they are hitting me with a​ ton of​ questions they want answered. By the​ time I’m done,​ I wished I hadn’t told them what I do for a​ living.

No I’m just kidding.

By doing a​ golf swing weight training program that incorporates strength,​ flexibility and weighted clubs you will see the​ quickest results that last long term.

Your golfing buddies might think your crazy,​ but you’ll get the​ last laugh.

The winning combination is​ swing technique and golf swing weight training!

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