Golf Specific Weight Training Dont Fear It

Golf specific weight training. the​ fascinating thing about golf-specific weight training is​ that despite the​ fear many golfers have of​ it,​ there is​ really nothing to​ be afraid of.

Why should there be any reason for fear when 80 year old persons are comfortably going through them. And what’s more is​ these elderly persons have quite often hailed the​ weight training as​ being responsible for the​ dramatic improvement in​ their game as​ well as​ the​ easing of​ nagging pains that usually do not respond to​ medication like back pains.

Junior golfers are also enthusiastically embracing golf specific weight training with similar results. Some of​ these kids are barely in​ their teens. But what has been even more amazing is​ the​ impact that the​ golf specific weight training has had on​ their golf game.

Many have been able to​ increase the​ distance of​ their drives by yards that are in​ the​ higher levels of​ a​ double digit figure.

Still this has not prevented golf specific weight training from being greatly feared amongst many golfers who have various excuses not to​ touch exercise. There are those who claim that weight training will give them bulging muscles and make them stiff when it​ is​ common knowledge that flexibility is​ very important in​ golf.

For these golfers,​ the​ mere mention of​ dumb bells sends shivers down their spines as​ they picture themselves struggling with heavy weights in​ some gym somewhere.

Nothing could be further from the​ truth. Golf specific weight training really involves strength training and not body building. as​ a​ result it​ involves the​ use of​ lifting lighter weights more repetitively.

The sort of​ light weights that teenagers and senior citizens alike do not have any problem handling.

Whether you dread it​ or​ not,​ the​ facts are that golf specific weight training is​ extremely important for any golfer.

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