Golf Muscles Timing Golf Mechanics The Key To A Powerful Golf Swing

Golf swing power is​ truly sought after by many golfers short and tall. a​ powerful golf swing can be easily accomplished if​ you’re standing 6ft tall over the golf ball. Knowing the right mechanics of​ the golf swing, along with the right timing is​ essential. if​ you take two golfers of​ the same height, the exact same swing, same golf club and ball, the results in​ distance would probably be the same. if​ you take the same scenario and one golfer is​ approximately 6ft. tall, and the other approximately 5ft. tall, the advantage would be to​ the taller person. You’re probably saying, no kidding Sherlock. a​ taller person creates a​ longer and bigger swing span, which in​ turn generates more club head speed. Unleashing a​ huge drive can be monstrous if​ all golf mechanics and timing are in​ sync for a​ fairly tall person. So how does a​ shorter golfer stand to​ compete?

The answer would probably lie in​ the golf muscles of​ a​ shorter golfer. it​ doesn’t necessarily mean you have to​ go out and bench press 400 lbs everyday. By exercising your upper and lower golf muscles two or​ three times a​ week, you can make a​ world of​ difference. The golf muscles that need to​ be exercised would be the legs, thighs, and whole upper portion of​ the body. The upper portions of​ the body are the main coil of​ the golf swing, with the arms and wrist getting the most exercise. as​ these same muscles are used most to​ guide and control the weight of​ the golf club through the motion of​ the golf swing. The lower portion of​ the body is​ strengthened to​ reinforce the upper portion of​ the golf swing. There are many books and videos on the Internet that address these exercises.

Golfers that prefer to​ exercise outdoors and are not sure of​ the appropriate exercises to​ use should take the exercise out on the practice range hitting golf balls. By hitting golf balls at​ the practice range, you will be exercising the important golf muscles naturally, and greatly improve your golf swing at​ the same time. Have you heard of​ golf muscle memory? it​ is​ a​ part of​ the brain that remembers a​ movement. Putting it​ another way, have you felt a​ muscle say, stop right there? This same part of​ the brain will tell moving parts of​ your body how far you can take it, so you do not injure yourself. it​ also signals for the timing of​ certain muscles to​ kick in​ and take over, if​ your latter part of​ the brain were paying attention. it​ would also remember good habits and bad habits in​ the golf swing. One must be careful in​ their practice routine on avoiding the bad habits. Practicing regularly will exercise these certain muscles and train them for further swing improvement in​ proper moves and timing. Your golf muscles will take the golf mechanics and timing to​ a​ higher level of​ power by exercising them over and over again.

With regular exercise and practicing the golf mechanics and timing of​ the golf swing, both short and tall players can compete on the same level. to​ out distance your taller competitors, it​ would help to​ pack a​ few extra pounds of​ golf muscle behind your golf swing. The same would apply for the taller golfer to​ stay ahead of​ the crowd.

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