Golf Clubs The Most Essential Piece Of Golf Equipment

Golf Clubs The Most Essential Piece Of Golf Equipment

Golf clubs are an​ essential piece of​ golf equipment. You can make do without a​ hat and​ a​ golf cart – perhaps even golf shoes if​ the​ course you play on has very relaxed rules, but you will need some clubs and​ balls to​ play a​ round of​ golf. a​ good set of​ golf clubs can really improve your playing experience.

Golf clubs are categorized into two separate areas – drivers and​ irons.

Golf Clubs - Drivers

Generally, the​ first golf club that a​ golfer uses to​ drive the​ ball off of​ the​ tee is​ a​ driver. With the​ driver the​ golfer attempts to​ drive or​ hit the​ ball down the​ fairway at​ the​ greatest distance possible. However, it​ is​ important to​ make sure that with the​ initial drive you do not sacrifice accuracy for​ distance.

It is​ important to​ select the​ right drivers – most people can use a​ standard length club, but if​ you are very short, or​ very tall, you may need a​ one specially made for​ your height. You can also get drivers which have been altered to​ help a​ golfer with their swing by shifting the​ weight of​ the​ drivers head to​ compensate for​ any bad habits. You can get drivers which have been made from wood or​ metals such as​ titanium.

Golf Clubs - Irons

The golf clubs that are known as​ the​ irons are those golf clubs that are used after the​ initial drive off of​ the​ tee. as​ with the​ driver the​ shaft of​ the​ iron must be in​ proportion to​ the​ golfer’s height.

There are typically 8 clubs in​ a​ set of​ irons – they are usually made from graphite or​ steel. Irons are different from other golf clubs in​ that they have angled heads. as​ you go through the​ range of​ irons the​ heads are graduated in​ angle by around ½ and​ inch. Some of​ the​ irons are forged, and​ others are casted – which kind you prefer will probably be down to​ personal preference.

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