Golf Ball Logos

Logo golf balls are considered the true ambassador to​ the game of​ golf. They occupy approximately twenty percent of​ the golf ball business today and are mainly used for corporate branding. it​ is​ through logo golf balls that you build and maintain successful business relationships with your customers, employees, suppliers, and the millions of​ people who enjoy the game of​ golf.

The printing of​ the logo on the golf ball is​ done by the respective golf ball companies using state-of-the-art equipment. if​ one needs a​ logo to​ be imprinted on the golf ball, all that one has to​ do is​ to​ get a​ cameral ready logo to​ give to​ the printers of​ the golf ball. There are different forms of​ printing for the logo on the golf ball. The single logo imprinting used the finest colors and details of​ the logo to​ be printed on a​ golf ball that is​ within a​ 7/8” circle. Double imprinting involves printing of​ the logo on two sides of​ the golf ball. One can either imprint two of​ the same logo or​ two separate logos on the golf ball, at​ an​ increased price. a​ minimum of​ eight to​ ten dozen golf balls are accepted as​ an​ order for logo printing. if​ you plan to​ send the logo design to​ the printer through email, it​ is​ better to​ use Adobe Illustrator or​ .eps formats in​ vector graphics, as​ these graphics do not incur additional charges. Sending the logo by fax is​ another option, but the logo turns out to​ be black and white after being faxed. So to​ facilitate the coloring of​ the logo design on the faxed paper, a​ clean-up charge will be assessed by the printers.

If one plans to​ use logos on the golf balls for a​ tournament, it​ is​ important to​ first confirm that the tournament sponsors approve of​ the logos before actually printing the logos. This is​ because most of​ the companies are specific about their logos and expect everyone to​ follow their guidelines. as​ there are hundreds of​ golf balls with different logos, some golf enthusiasts have started collecting logo golf balls as​ a​ hobby. to​ facilitate the development of​ logo golf ball collecting, the World Logo Ball Association was created in​ 2000. Logo golf ball collectors can buy, sell, and trade logo golf balls and, in​ general, learn more about the hobby here.

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