Golf Bag Buying Tips

Golf Bag Buying Tips

A golf bag is​ an​ essential equipment that one uses to​ transport all golf accessories such as​ golf balls, golf clubs, markers, tees and even umbrellas and towels.

Golf bags have no influence whatsoever on the result of​ the game, however, they can greatly affect the players game by way of​ offering comfort as​ the player makes his round through the course.

As to​ how much load in​ your gear you are carrying and if​ you are carrying the bag by yourself or​ using a​ golf cart or​ the help of​ a​ caddie, can help you decide which bag is​ for you.

When planning on riding the golf cart on your rounds, then whether the bag is​ heavy or​ not does not matter. But if​ your plan is​ to​ walk, then a​ lighter bag that will be carried along easily is​ essential.

Types of​ golf bags:

1. Staff bags. These are the largest types of​ golf bags. They can accommodate a​ complete fourteen set of​ golf clubs and typically have many side pockets for other golf tools and equipment that one wishes to​ take along. Almost all professional golfers prefer the staff bags as​ they can hold a​ lot of​ equipment and since their caddy carries the bag for them, weight is​ never a​ problem.

A good staff bag is​ one made of​ quality leather or​ materials that are of​ high quality and are expensive.

2. Cart Bags. Are a​ lot smaller in​ size compared to​ staff bags, but are comparatively bulky and unmanageable for the golfer alone, without the caddy’s help. These bags are constructed for use on golf carts; they have lesser pockets and storage capacity.

3. Carry Bags. The smallest type, and are basically made from plastic, nylon and other materials. as​ these bags are constructed to​ accommodate the essentials such as​ the golf clubs, a​ few small golf accessories and balls they are the right choice for the golfer who favors to​ carry his own bag.

Choosing the right bag for you

1. Take into account the price and your budget. How much you can afford can determine what kind of​ bag as​ well as​ what materials they are made of; the more expensive it​ is, the more complex the features of​ the bag. Keep in​ mind however, that the bag is​ not used directly in​ your game; golf shoes, clubs and balls are more significant than the bag.

2. Features. Know what type of​ features you need in​ your bag and what equipment you need to​ put in​ the bag. You might consider a​ bag that can stand alone to​ make it​ easier to​ take out your golf clubs during your game. You might also consider bringing an​ umbrella along, so you need a​ bag with a​ slot for your umbrella. However, if​ you are the type to​ carry only the basic gears, then you might want to​ consider a​ simple and light bag that can accommodate just the basics.

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