Golden Retriever A Loving Large Family Dog

Golden Retriever A Loving Large Family Dog

Golden Retrievers are a​ medium to​ medium/large dog breed. They reach a​ height between 20” to​ 24”. if​ a​ Golden Retriever could speak,​ they might say,​ “What can I do for you?” They are born people pleasers from hunting to​ tricks to​ family pet.

The Golden Retriever is​ AKC recognized with a​ coat color in​ varying shades of​ golden or​ cream with golden throughout the​ coat. They get their name,​ of​ course,​ from the​ color of​ their coat. They have a​ medium length,​ water repellent outer coat and a​ dense undercoat. Their coat is​ feathered. They require a​ daily brushing to​ prevent knots and they only need an​ occasional dry shampoo. you​ should only give them a​ wet bath if​ necessary.

Exercise and playful outside and calm indoors,​ the​ Golden Retriever is​ considered to​ be one of​ the​ best large dog breeds to​ have as​ a​ family pet. They are great with children and other dogs. Early socialization is​ recommended for birds and small non-canine pets because of​ their hunting history but they tend to​ get along with other animals as​ well. They are extremely easy to​ train,​ even for the​ dog novice. They love to​ learn and they are fast learners. They are best for active families as​ they need daily time to​ run and roam outdoors. if​ you​ are looking for an​ excellent hunting companion,​ the​ Golden Retriever is​ an​ awesome hunting dog.

Originating in​ the​ mid 1800s,​ some sources state England as​ their country of​ origin and others state Scotland as​ their county of​ origin. Lord Tweedmouth at​ Inverness-Shire,​ Scotland is​ said to​ have extensive records that show he developed the​ breed. Their ancestry includes the​ Water Spaniel,​ Retrievers,​ Setters and a​ Bloodhound. They were mainly used for hunting and retrieving and have an​ excellent sense of​ smell. They also make excellent therapy and guide dogs.

If you​ are in​ search of​ a​ large dog that is​ sweet,​ calm and affectionate and will be good with families that include other dogs or​ small children,​ it​ is​ hard to​ find a​ more pleasing,​ gentle large family dog. Exercise and play are important in​ their daily activities,​ but they will be just as​ happy relaxing inside with you​ at​ night.

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