Going Back To Work When You Re Nursing

Going Back To Work When You Re Nursing

If you’re planning to​ return to​ work after your baby is​ born, you may be concerned about managing both effectively. it​ is​ a​ time consuming choice, but many women do continue nursing even after they go back to​ work. And, in​ spite of​ the amount of​ time and dedication it​ requires, most women who have tried it, have been happy that they did. Here are some tips to​ help you manage the two successfully.

First, decide how you’re going to​ feed baby while you’re away. Some women have the caretaker feed the baby formula; others express breast milk for use while they are away. Either way, you’ll need to​ get your baby used to​ drinking from a​ bottle. at​ about six weeks old, introduce at​ least one bottle a​ day, filled with breast milk or​ formula, depending upon which you plan to​ use when you go back to​ work, at​ a​ time when you will be working later. Also, be sure to​ have someone else feed the bottle to​ the baby sometimes. This should help your baby get ready for the new routine.

Once you return to​ work, you’ll need to​ express milk at​ work for feeding to​ your baby the next day, if​ you plan to​ supplement with breast milk instead of​ formula. Be sure to​ figure out in​ advance where you’ll be able to​ nurse. Fortunately, more and more workplaces are creating private areas for nursing mothers. It’s also wise to​ freeze some breast milk before you go back to​ work, just in​ case you have a​ day at​ work that is​ so harried that you find yourself unable to​ nurse.

When you return to​ work, be prepared for some adjustment time for you and the baby. if​ possible, go back part time at​ first, to​ make this adjustment easier for both of​ you. And, if​ you can wait until baby is​ sixteen weeks old to​ go back, the adjustment to​ the feeding change will be even easier, because the breastfeeding routine will be better established.

There are many good reasons for continuing to​ breastfeed after returning to​ work. in​ addition to​ your baby’s continued nutritional benefit, you may also find that it’s easier to​ return to​ work knowing that you still have the close breastfeeding bond in​ the morning and evening. Take it​ slow, work out the kinks, and you and baby should be well on your way to​ a​ very rewarding situation.

Going Back To Work When You Re Nursing

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