Goal And Belief Systems

Goal And Belief Systems

Do you remember saying to​ yourself, when I do that, I will.... Why do people always make excuses so we don't do the​ things we really want or​ desire? it​ has everything to​ do with our belief system. This system will shape your destiny.

When we grow up our believe change:

* It's not right to​ want too much abundance.

* if​ you are not careful, people will take everything you have!

* All rich people are snobs.

But, remember those days when we were kids:

* I am going to​ be a​ super hero.

* I am going to​ be a​ fireman.

* I am going to​ be a​ rockstar/moviestar.

What actually happened in​ our lives that changed our believe in​ ourselves and​ our abilities to​ achieve? in​ my opinion when we are getting older, we are facing people or​ experiences in​ our lives that tell us we could never be, have or​ acquire something or​ led us believe that we could never be all we could be.

Is a​ bad experience or​ a​ huge let down something that happened to​ make us think we deserve less than our dreams (remembering the​ days we were kids)? We have to​ conquer it​ and​ change it​ right now. Be grateful for​ the​ things that are still wonderful in​ our lives. We can re-shape our future through simple techniques like for​ example goal and​ target setting.

Let me define once the​ difference between a​ goal and​ a​ target. at​ least this is​ my opinion, because I know there are different explanations about this matter. Through experience in​ my own life, I came to​ this definition. Goals have dates, targets don't. Target setting is​ anything which you need, want or​ desire to​ achieve half or​ master of​ which the​ pathway of​ realisation or​ acquisition may not at​ this time be revealed, but which you are unconditionally committed to​ its fulfillment so much so that you can regulate it​ to​ your highest level of​ human commitment, a​ NEED! E.g. I intend to​ become a​ top earner in​ my company.

Goal setting is​ simply the​ act of​ writing down the​ result you achieve by a​ specific date in​ the​ near future on a​ piece of​ paper, so that you can work towards it​ in​ easy baby steps. Easy achievable it​ must be, so it​ will not face any fear of​ accomplishing that goal. E.g. signing up at​ an​ article directory today before noon.

We are talking about baby steps. Doing and​ implementing a​ little bit on a​ regular and​ consistent basis. Taking massive action for​ just one day won't get you far, however, taking 10 little baby steps every day or​ so can eventually get you around the​ world if​ you just keep going and​ don't quit!

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