Go High Go Far Go Fast An Air Kicks Anti Gravity Boots Review.

Go High Go Far Go Fast An Air Kicks Anti Gravity Boots Review.

A few days back, I got hold of​ a​ set of​ air kicks anti gravity boots, and sure they are about the coolest thing since roller blades. Let me explain to​ you what air kicks really are, especially for those who are not familiar with … (the rest of​ you can just skip ahead). Basically air kick boots are actually like a​ pogo stick on a​ shoe. There is​ a​ sort of​ lemon shaped spring mechanism on the bottom of​ each one of​ the air kicks boots, which turns every step into a​ bouncing leap. Just when you start to​ walk along, you feel as​ though you have no weight at​ all and feel bouncy like walking on the moon in​ your air kicks anti gravity boots, which is​ on the whole a​ pretty cool sensation, I am sure you will agree.

What’s more about my air kicks boots is​ that they really make exercise fun. Both my older brother and dad are joggers, and in​ spite of​ all their efforts to​ get me to​ join them for quite a​ while, I have never really been too keen on it. It’s just too boring, that I can’t get myself to​ do it. Its simply tiresome work that at​ the end of​ the day will hurt my shins and ankles. Though now I can act as​ if​ I am walking along on the moon using my air kick boots, it​ sure is​ more fun and I can even get into it​ in​ a​ way that I never have before. I can’t find the words to​ describe what it​ is​ that makes air kicks so much fun, but in​ some way I guess it​ has to​ do with the kinds of​ fantasies that we dream of. For sure, there are those who dream of​ becoming an​ astronaut at​ some time or​ another, everyone likes unusual sensations. Maybe that’s why roller coasters have been quite popular!

I have to​ admit though, when I got my first air kicks I was a​ bit disappointed. Alright, maybe I was a​ lot disappointed. Personally I had rather unrealistic expectations of​ what air kicks boots would be like. I always pictured catapulting twenty feet between strides. Though this may have seemed pretty impossible, I never really sat down and thought about this. Sure, if​ I had, I would have realized how strange it​ was, but at​ times I just kind of​ let myself get lost in​ the daydream. Despite the fact that my air kicks anti gravity boots did not really fit the reality of​ my fantasy, they are still really cool. as​ you may have ample of​ time to​ move around between each bounce, they are not only fun to​ dance to​ but also allow you to​ do splits in​ the air along with other awesome moves!

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