Go Carts How To Survive By Being Safe

Go Carts How To Survive By Being Safe

Go carts are certainly thrilling, but they can also be dangerous if​ not taken seriously. You have to​ remember that it's not just you out on the​ track. There will be other drivers attempting to​ pass you around sharp corners whose talent may be questionable at​ best. By following a​ few common-sense safety rules you can eliminate most of​ the​ serious dangers.

Different types of​ go carts can have speeds ranging anywhere from very slow to​ very fast. But regardless of​ the​ speed they are always exciting to​ race. They are simple vehicles that are also easy to​ handle. No matter what your skill level there are tracks all over the​ country that will fill your needs and​ wants. There are many go cart classes or​ levels that will cater to​ every age range from kids to​ adults. Gocarts are generally easy to​ drive and​ easy to​ control. This is​ why they have become so popular, because it's an​ easy and​ relatively cheap way to​ experience the​ thrill of​ Formula 1 racing without the​ expense or​ the​ danger.

There are many different types of​ vehicles that are built for​ racing fun. Among these are ATV off road vehicles, motor scooters, dirt bikes, mopeds, mini bikes, motorcycles and​ gopeds. But if​ you are wanting to​ experience the​ thrill and​ excitement of​ Indy Car or​ Formula 1 open-wheel racing, with a​ powerful gas engine rocketing you down the​ track, and​ with relative safety, go carts are what you will want to​ be climbing into.

For beginners to​ experts, and​ everyone in​ between, go carts are fun. Whether you want to​ drive as​ slow as​ your Grandma or​ as​ fast as​ Tony Stewart and​ Michael Schumacher, racing go carts can get you there. Many top professional NASCAR, Formula One and​ Indy Car drivers today got their start in​ the​ lowly go cart. With a​ lot of​ practice maybe you can achieve the​ same success.

It wasn't too long ago that go carts were mostly found in​ family fun centers where any kid and​ his little brother could go racing at​ a​ whopping 15 or​ mph. They still exist, but real go cart tracks have been springing up all over. It's now possible to​ go 60 miles an​ hour in​ a​ go cart. and​ if​ that's not fast enough for​ you try an​ enduro cart and​ reach top speeds of​ 90 mph. or​ race in​ a​ shifter cart at​ an​ astounding 160 mph. Don't start sweating yet, you don't have to​ go that fast to​ have fun. You can drive in​ any level or​ class that you feel comfortable with.

But this brings up some questions: With go carts speeding down the​ track so fast these days, are they too dangerous to​ drive? Can you travel as​ fast as​ 100 mph and​ still be safe? the​ answer is​ yes and​ no. Sure, you can still be safe, but without following certain safety rules you can increase your chances of​ serious injury. It's not necessarily the​ fast speeds that cause the​ serious accidents, but the​ unsafe or​ inexperienced drivers.

The first rule of​ the​ road is​ to​ remain in​ your comfort zone. This is​ easier said then done however because racing is​ not for​ the​ timid. at​ some point, when you want to​ move up to​ a​ more experienced level or​ class, you may not feel equipped to​ do that. However, by building up your confidence in​ the​ lower classes you will eventually be ready for​ more competition. Just don't try to​ move up faster than your driving expertise allows.

Back in​ the​ olden days, when go carts were extremely slow, you could go racing safely without a​ helmet. Those days are long gone. Even in​ kiddie tracks helmets are a​ requirement now. the​ helmet is​ perhaps the​ most important piece of​ equipment that a​ go cart driver will ever use. There are other pieces of​ equipment that are necessary too, but none more important than a​ high-quality helmet. in​ the​ event of​ a​ crash it​ can spare you from a​ serious head injury.

To a​ great extent you can control the​ amount of​ danger that you are faced with. Many decisions that you make before climbing into the​ cart will determine how safe it​ will be for​ you out on the​ track. From the​ type of​ clothes you wear to​ the​ type of​ go cart you buy will help determine your safety level on the​ track. By taking every safety precaution that you possibly can you will lessen your risk of​ sustaining a​ serious injury. So do your homework and​ be prepared. It's a​ lot more fun racing go carts when you can walk away after a​ race instead of​ having to​ be driven away in​ an​ ambulance.

The importance of​ clothing can't be overstated. the​ slower you race the​ less important clothing becomes, but the​ faster your go cart goes the​ more you need to​ be sure you are clothed properly. Depending on your speeds certain clothing may help spare you from serious injury. at​ faster speeds fire safety suits are a​ must. There is​ ignitable fuel in​ your vehicle and​ in​ the​ event of​ a​ crash it​ is​ possible for​ it​ to​ catch fire. Preventing burns is​ a​ very desirable thing. Other indispensable gear includes fire-resistant racing shoes to​ protect your feet and​ gloves for​ your hands.

All go carts today have roll bars that extend higher than the​ driver's head. the​ chassis of​ the​ go cart will either be open or​ caged. a​ caged go cart has a​ cage that covers the​ driver. it​ protects the​ driver in​ the​ event of​ a​ rollover. it​ serves the​ same purpose as​ a​ roll bar. Most tracks demand a​ cage for​ safety. Go carts also have side bars that can protect you from serious injury should another driver ram you from the​ side. You have to​ remember, you could be the​ greatest driver in​ the​ world, but you're not out there alone. You are driving with others whose skill levels may leave a​ lot to​ be desired. So buying a​ quality go cart is​ always a​ good idea.

By taking these few simple precautions it​ will improve your chances of​ having fun out on the​ track by lessening your chances of​ becoming injured. Go carts can be just about as​ safe as​ you make them. With some practice and​ experience there is​ no reason why any driver can't move up the​ ranks safely. Keep safety as​ your number one goal and​ go carting will be fun for​ many years to​ come.

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