Gloucester City Guide Including Gloucester Hotels

Gloucester City Guide Including Gloucester Hotels


Gloucester is​ situated in​ the south-western section of​ England in​ the county of​ Gloucestershire, and is​ very near the Welsh border. Possessing a​ population that is​ well over 100,000 people, Gloucester is​ a​ bustling and thriving city as​ well as​ a​ popular tourist attraction. Gloucester is​ home to​ many historical sites and recreational activities, making it​ a​ place where tourists love returning to​ every year. No matter what time of​ year someone visits Gloucester there are plenty of​ things to​ do and see.

Places of​ interest:

Gloucester has much to​ offer both residents and tourists. From museums to​ galleries, from monuments, to​ historical sites, Gloucester is​ filled with an​ endless array of​ things to​ both see and do. Further, Gloucester is​ situated near other popular English cities, making such cities easily accessible. Popular cities surrounding Gloucester include: Bath, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Oxford, and York.

HISTORIC BUILDINGS: Gloucester Cathedral is​ the actual site where King Edward the II has been buried. in​ 681 AD this church was dedicated to​ St. Peter and the cathedral itself possesses a​ tremendous amount of​ Gothic architecture.

WALKS AND TOURS: Both residents and tourists will enjoy the numerous trails and tours that can be found in​ Gloucester. The Severn Way is​ a​ 2100 mile walk along the river in​ Britain and there are Cathedral guides, historic walks and dock walks for everyone to​ enjoy.

SHOPPING: There are plenty of​ fantastic places to​ shop while in​ Gloucester. The Mall Eastgate and the Kings Walk offer both specialist shops and boutiques, giving every tourist the ability to​ find suitable souvenirs.

MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES: Gloucester is​ home to​ some of​ the finest museums and galleries; among them are the Nature in​ Art Museum, a​ museum totally dedicated to​ art that focuses on nature, and Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery, with archaeological exhibits and more.

EVENTS: Gloucester is​ a​ busy city, one filled with many events to​ attend and enjoy. Gloucester frequently hosts many festivals and museum events.

Things to​ do:

There are plenty of​ things to​ see in​ do in​ the gorgeous city of​ Gloucester. if​ truth be told, both residents and tourists will have no trouble finding recreational activities that are suitable for the entire family. From historic sites to​ educationally suitable recreational activities, Gloucester is​ the city that offers something for everyone.

WILDFOWL AND WETLANDS CENTRE: in​ Slimbridge is​ a​ fantastic site for both children and adults alike. When visiting Gloucester, families will enjoy this recreational facility which was established in​ 1946. With trails to​ walk and many different species of​ birds to​ see, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre proves entertaining for all families. The cost of​ admission is​ as​ follows: £6, and children £3.60.

HAILES ABBEY: in​ Winchcombe is​ the ruins of​ a​ Cistercian Abbey that was established in​ the 13th century, in​ the year 1246. Visitors can still see and enjoy its cloistered arches and visit the shop and museum located on this historic site.

WESTONBIRT ARBORETUM: in​ Tetbury is​ a​ section of​ land that is​ home to​ well over 18,000 trees. Families can enjoy the trails all throughout Westonbirt Arboretum and visits will find the location particularly beautiful during the fall. With a​ visitor’s centre, a​ shop, and a​ museum as​ well as​ a​ plant centre and places to​ picnic, Westonbirt has much to​ offer its visitors. Admission prices are as​ follows: £3.80 for adults and £1 for children.

THREE CHOIRS VINEYARD: located in​ Newent, is​ a​ vineyard that offers self-guided tours and an​ opportunity to​ enjoy the delights of​ wine tasting.

CLEARWELL CAVES: the Clearwell Caves is​ a​ site that proves entertaining for the entire family. Clearwell is​ an​ old iron mine with a​ blacksmith and ochre workshop and offers guided tours for groups by appointment.

Food & Drink:

There is​ no shortage of​ fantastic dining locations in​ Gloucester to​ choose from. No matter what your preferences are in​ terms of​ food and drink, Gloucester will meet your personal demands.

JAPANESE DINING: if​ you are looking for Japanese delights and delicacies, Gloucester is​ home to​ Spirit on 1 Station Road. Spirit is​ located in​ the centre of​ Gloucester making it​ easily accessible after residents or​ tourists are through with other activities.

GREEK DINING: Both Dino's Village Taverna and Nicki's Hotel & Taverna offer visitors fine Greek dining. Dino’s Village Taverna is​ located at​ 1 St Catherine Street, while Nicki’s Hotel & Taverna is​ situated at​ 105 - 107 Westgate Street in​ Gloucester.

INDIAN DINING: Gloucester is​ home to​ several Indian restaurants, including the Baburchi Restaurant, Balti King, the Hill Top, Jewel in​ the Crown, and Lahore Balti Restaurant, to​ name a​ few.

ITALIAN DINING: if​ it’s Italian entrees you seek, Gloucester does not disappoint. Gloucester is​ home to​ Topoly's and Prezzo, both located on Southgate Street.

THAI DINING: Siam Thai at​ 5 Park Road and a​ Taste of​ Thai at​ 117 - 119 Southgate Street, Gloucester offer both residents and visitors fine Thai entrees to​ choose from.

Gloucester Hotels & Accommodation:

Gloucester has a​ number of​ accommodation styles to​ choose from. Visitors can stay in​ any number of​ the fantastic hotels in​ Gloucester or​ they can choose to​ use self catering facilities. Either way, tourists are destined to​ receive the finest amenities from the Gloucester accommodations they choose.

Express by Holiday Inn Gloucester South
Edward Hotel
Cheltenham Gloucester Moat House
Ramada Hotel & Resort Gloucester
Ramada Bowden Hall
Hatton Court Hotel
Watersmeet Motel & Angling Centre
Hatherley Manor Hotel
Days Inn Hotel Gloucester - (North Bristol)
New County Hotel


The nightlife in​ Gloucester is​ promising because there is​ so much to​ do and see—giving both tourists and visitors an​ array of​ entertainment options to​ choose from. Several night clubs provide entertainment and there are even more pubs that visitors can stop in​ to​ have a​ drink and socialise.

Gloucester: an​ English city rich with history and equally rich in​ all of​ its offerings to​ its residents and visitors. Fabulous accommodations, excellent dining and lots of​ fun things to​ do: all within the boundaries of​ Gloucester. Gloucester: a​ current tourist hotspot and a​ city that promises to​ be a​ tourist attraction for many years to​ come.

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