Give Your Kitchen A Make Over With A French Country Theme

Give Your Kitchen A Make Over With A French Country Theme

Since the kitchen is​ often the heart of​ the home, it​ makes sense to​ decorate your kitchen in​ an​ appealing and comfortable style. One quick and easy way to​ spruce up a​ dated kitchen is​ to​ decorate it​ with the French country decorating style. Since turning your kitchen into a​ French country retreat is​ one of​ the current trends in​ kitchen decorating, there are plenty of​ wonderful accessories available.

Before you start to​ shop for your new French country kitchen, you will need to​ select your color scheme. While the original French country décor colors were blue and yellow, black and white or​ maroon and white colors are now being used, as​ well. Personally, I still prefer blue and yellow, but I like the traditional yellow kitchen walls. I used a​ pale golden yellow on the upper half of​ my walls and a​ darker golden yellow on the bottom half. The room looks bright and cheery without being obnoxiously yellow. I use blue accents in​ the room to​ complete the blue and yellow color scheme.

I bought new cabinets for my kitchen when I redecorated in​ the French country style, but that is​ because the cabinets that were there when I moved in​ were hand-built and weren't very well done. They also were literally falling off the wall. if​ I would have had sturdy cabinets that had usable shelving and the fronts were a​ bit shabby, I would have painted most of​ them and knocked out the inside panels of​ the rest and attached chicken wire to​ them instead. to​ do this, you simply cut a​ piece of​ chicken wire so it​ is​ slightly larger all around than the inside of​ the door. Then, bend the cut edges under so that you won't end up cutting yourself on the sharp edges. Finally, staple the wire to​ the inside of​ the door. Now, you have given your cabinet door a​ country look and you can display some of​ your favorite pottery, as​ well.

Once the cabinets are in​ place, it​ is​ time to​ fill your kitchen with a​ French country ambience. Rooster accessories are a​ hot trend that give your kitchen the right feel. I used a​ framed French country rooster print on one wall and a​ few rooster statues on a​ shelf over my kitchen doorway. a​ gold and blue rug with a​ rooster in​ the center to​ the floor helped draw the room's colors and décor together.

To finish off the room, I added a​ valance to​ my window made with a​ French country fabric print called moiré. I made matching seat cushions for the kitchen table.

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