Gilleland Poetry Storoems And Poems Review

Gilleland Poetry – Storoems and Poems ~ Review
Retired professor of​ Microbiology, Harry Gilleland certainly has a​ wide variety of​ experiences and thought-provoking insights to​ share in​ his latest poetry book, Gilleland Poetry – Storoems and Poems .​
Harry’s poetry has appeared at​ numerous establishments over the years and he has authored three books to​ date .​
His dedication to​ and love of​ poetry is​ evident in​ the way that he writes his work.
Evocative and mentally stimulating throughout it’s 205 pages this book is​ sure to​ strike a​ cord within any reader .​
War experiences and trials of​ man are mingled with true-life experiences, fantasy, love and nature.
Harry explores the wonders of​ nature in​ a​ beautiful way and returns to​ the theme that seemingly runs throughout the entire book - what it​ could mean for man .​
Fun, playful – sometimes sad .​
He has us riding the rapids with him one moment and learning shocking news about American history in​ the next breath.
You Snake in​ the Grass is​ one of​ my favorites because it​ invokes awe of​ nature .​
But I​ also got a​ real kick out of​ The Power of​ Splinters and One Leaf’s Journey, which are clearly parallels to​ life experiences .​
I really cried over a​ Journey Home and Alfred Must Die .​
The author’s deep endearing love for his wife is​ both moving and inspiring .​
Though this might sound a​ little corny - I​ felt I​ lived a​ little more because of​ reading this book.
ISBN#: 1411629272
Author: Harry E .​
Gilleland, JR
Publisher: Lulu Press

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