Giblink A Growing Leader In Social Networking

Giblink A Growing Leader In Social Networking

When it​ comes to​ the​ internet and​ the​ opportunity to​ make money, you don’t need a​ crystal ball to​ look into the​ future. the​ internet and​ online business is​ really in​ its infancy, creating many opportunities. the​ world of​ online communities, business networking, and​ social networking are just in​ their infancy and​ the​ future holds plenty of​ opportunity for​ the​ entrepreneur spirit.

One of​ the​ first to​ bring social networking to​ the​ world is​ in​ fact, they can be credited with giving the​ world a​ glimpse of​ what the​ future holds. has also changed the​ way we interact. No longer is​ the​ internet about text and​ still pictures, now we have live video. Many other companies have broken ground in​ the​ way the​ internet is​ used. Companies like Squido, Dreammatches,, and​ Facebook have expanded both social and​ business communities. This has resulted in​ entrepreneurs using these sites to​ network and​ communicate with others, and​ to​ grow their business.

But there is​ one company that is​ standing out from the​ crowd. the​ evolution online ahs taken things to​ a​ new level and​ Giblink is​ one of​ the​ companies that is​ taking advantage of​ the​ available technology. Giblink stands for​ Global Internet business Link and​ they’ve managed to​ migrate various communication clusters so that they are all under one roof. This is​ a​ company that’s emerging as​ a​ stand-alone business.

Giblink is​ one of​ the​ few sites that merges social networking, web design, web services, and​ business networking with sales. if​ you took the​ best of​ MySpace, GoDaddy, and​ YouTube with a​ direct sales tier for​ generating substantial revenue, you would in​ essence have Giblink.

The entire system is​ based on a​ four tier revenue model, which includes referrals, direct sales, membership activity, and​ validation with the​ company’s profit sharing. Not only does this system make Giblink an​ attractive venture. it​ also highlights just how advanced communication has become on a​ global scale. Just how sophisticated it​ is​ can be seen in​ this business model.

There are three individual yet integrated modules. Giblink is​ responsible for​ the​ social and​ business networking of​ the​ business. it​ provides classified advertising, e-cards, forums, blogs, clubs, and​ a​ host of​ marketing tools.

Giblink does things better. Let’s look at​ MySpace classified ads, which are divided into categories. Giblink doesn’t do that instead using a​ search providing a​ less cluttered, more intuitive, and​ more useful tool.

Gibsales is​ responsible for​ the​ registration of​ domain names, hosting, website design, and​ all other services associated with online business. They offer sites that give their members leverage within the​ market and​ that have a​ proven track record of​ generating revenue that’s in​ the​ billions each year.

Gibsales is​ also very innovative. Let’s look at​ choosing a​ domain name. at​ GoDaddy you type in​ what you want, it​ will come back telling you it’s available or​ not providing a​ couple of​ options if​ it​ is​ taken. Gibsales on the​ other hand has you type in​ a​ keyword you want to​ see in​ your domain name and​ then it​ provides you a​ list of​ fifty names that are available. Now that’s much more effective and​ convenient saving a​ great deal of​ time.

The Gibline is​ a​ unique unit with revenue potential that earns revenue through POD’s, which will generate a​ 100% revenue share matching bonus for​ each pod.

Giblink is​ innovative, technologically advanced, and​ network driven. It’s a​ proven system that uses social and​ business networks to​ build and​ generate revenue that grows. if​ you are an​ entrepreneur or​ small business, you should check into what Giblink has to​ offer. There’s a​ lot of​ potential here. the​ question is​ do you recognize a​ “gold mine” when you see one.

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