Getting Your Dog To Behave

Getting Your Dog To Behave

Your dog may be your best friend,​ but just like your human friends he or​ she can embarrass you​ in​ public – you​ can actually train your dog to​ behave,​ you​ might not be so lucky with your human friends. a​ well trained dog usually means a​ happy owner and a​ contented animal.

Does your dog refuse to​ sit or​ stay at​ your command and does it​ bother other people by jumping up and barking? This may be your dog’s natural exuberance getting the​ better of​ him but when you​ are out in​ public,​ not only is​ it​ embarrassing for you,​ it​ can be frightening for people who are unsure of​ themselves around dogs. if​ you​ want to​ avoid these situations then you​ need to​ start getting your dog to​ change his behavior now.

In some respects dogs are like children and this means that they have to​ be taught how to​ be social beings without indulging in​ anti-social habits. if​ you​ are trying to​ get your dog to​ respond to​ your commands and behave in​ an​ acceptable manner,​ then you​ need to​ instigate regular training sessions. Training a​ dog to​ display acceptable behaviour is​ not easy if​ you​ are a​ first time owner. Some people take their dog to​ professional trainers once or​ twice a​ week but if​ your budget won’t run to​ that then you​ have to​ fall back on​ your own resources.

Not quite,​ there are training books and manuals out there; some of​ which come as​ a​ complete package,​ that will take you​ through the​ training sessions one step at​ a​ time. Always remember with dogs that the​ way to​ instill the​ behaviour that you​ want is​ by repetition and reward – losing your temper is​ counterproductive. if​ you​ get the​ right package and apply the​ right amounts of​ praise,​ patience and time you​ will soon have a​ well behaved and probably happier dog.

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