Getting Unexpected Profits With A Car Wash Fundraiser

Getting Unexpected Profits With a​ Car Wash Fundraiser!
Instead of​ wasting lots of​ precious time on thinking what's the best fundraising idea, go with what works .​
Setting up a​ car wash fundraiser may not be the most original thing to​ do, but it​ has always proven to​ bring great results .​
As long as​ you settle your team on a​ high traffic area and generate a​ sound attention-capturing system, the rest practically takes care of​ itself .​
Unlike complicated fundraiser event ideas, a​ car wash is​ a​ simple concept to​ apply .​
However, you still need some minimum planning.
First things first .​
Design or​ have someone design a​ simple straight to​ the point flyer that includes the following:
- Purpose of​ your fundraising group
- Price of​ the car wash
- Location and time
- Any other information that relates to​ your cause
In order for you and your team to​ be extra successful with your car wash fundraiser, you have to​ squeeze everything you can out of​ it .​
For example, while the car washing is​ taking place you can sell coupons and make an​ extra profit .​
If you notice that you can't handle everything, consider partnering yourself with another group with similar values .​
Charge an​ extra fee for additional services such as​ waxing or​ vacuuming .​
Instead of​ aimlessly standing in​ the middle of​ nowhere trying to​ stop cars, sell tickets several days before the event to​ ensure a​ hefty lineup of​ cars to​ attend.
Setting up a​ car wash is​ no big deal .​
Your team just has to​ be prepared to​ work hard for several consecutive hours during one day .​
If your group is​ big enough, it's better to​ have two lines instead of​ one .​
When it's time for action follow these four steps:
1 .​
Attract your customers with eye catching signs.
2 .​
Make the sale
3 .​
Wash the car
4 .​
Dry the car
Yes, that's the beauty of​ a​ car wash, pretty much anyone can make it​ happen .​
There are several other things you can do to​ make it​ even a​ greater success .​
For instance, you can offer the car wash for free and simply accept donations .​
This way you don't put a​ cap to​ your earnings and will probably get the best out of​ generous people .​
Also, you can try to​ get free advertising in​ your local radio station, magazines or​ newspaper .​
Finally, remember to​ have fun! Having energetic music playing in​ the background and providing refreshments for your crew stimulates the best performance.
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