Getting To Know Your Muscles And How To Get Rid Of Pain

Getting To Know Your Muscles And How To Get Rid Of Pain

It is​ a​ fact that there are about 650 muscles in​ the human body which comprise about half of​ our total body weight. So, whenever you feel some pain in​ your muscles, whether due to​ a​ hard gym workout, a​ basketball game, hard labor, or​ due to​ an​ unexpected muscle injury, make sure you pay attention. Do not ignore this for it​ could be a​ warning sign that something is​ already seriously wrong with your body. Immediate action, usually via consultation with a​ doctor, will be a​ great help in​ preventing additional injuries or​ lessening the complications of​ an​ existing injury.
The Musculatory System
Muscles give form to​ our skeletal system and allows our body to​ perform voluntary and involuntary movements. it​ also helps in​ regulating body temperature and controls blood flow. Muscles are made up of​ thousands of​ fibers that enable them to​ contract, either to​ shorten or​ lengthen, and produce movements. in​ order for a​ muscle fiber to​ attach itself to​ a​ bone, it​ blends itself with connective tissues known as​ tendons.

There are three main types of​ muscles. The muscles that are attached to​ the skeleton which allows us to​ perform movements are called Skeletal Muscles, or​ Striated Muscles. Skeletal muscles are considered voluntary muscles which means you have to​ first think of​ contracting them and the nervous system tells them to​ do so. They can also perform two types of​ contractions. The Twitch, which is​ characterized by short and single contractions, and the Tetanus, which involves long and sustained contractions.

The second type of​ muscles are called the Smooth Muscles. These are found in​ the walls of​ blood vessels and internal organs such as​ the digestive system, bladder, airways and the uterus. it​ provides a​ series of​ wavelike contractions known as​ peristalsis and has the ability to​ stretch and maintain tension for a​ long period of​ time. Smooth muscles move involuntarily, which means that it​ can contract without conscious effort. These muscles cannot be controlled by your thoughts.

The third type of​ muscle is​ called the Cardiac Muscle, which as​ the term implies, is​ found in​ the heart. Being an​ involuntary muscle, it​ contracts by itself without the aid of​ the brain. Like smooth muscles, cardiac muscles can stretch in​ a​ limited way with short and single contractions, but still have the force of​ a​ skeletal muscle.

Sore Muscles and Muscle Injuries

Muscles become sore when they haven't been used for a​ time being and a​ heavy task to​ contract them would cause some strain to​ the fibers, ligaments, and tendons. or​ when the muscle is​ given a​ task that is​ quite new such as​ a​ first-timer in​ the gym who had just finished his dumbbell workouts. The used muscle would feel pain, sore and strained due to​ some microscopic tears in​ the muscle fibers and tissues. This trauma is​ a​ natural reaction of​ muscles that is​ why rest is​ advised to​ those who workout their muscles in​ for them to​ grow bigger, stronger and firmer.

However, if​ you are experiencing excruciating pain, stop whatever it​ is​ you're doing and have it​ checked right away. Muscle strain injuries occur more often with eccentric muscle contractions due to​ the great force produced by such contraction. Tears occur near the muscle-tendon junction and/or the muscle fibers themselves are torn. Violent force and prolonged use can cause tears in​ the muscles leading to​ injuries.

Treatment and Medication

Skeletal muscles have the impressive ability to​ regenerate itself on a​ daily basis as​ well as​ in​ response to​ injury. However, some damaged muscles may not become as​ strong as​ the way it​ was before the injury. Healing depends on the severity of​ the injury.

First aid treatment such as​ ice therapy can serve as​ a​ natural pain relief. Other forms of​ natural pain relief may entail the use of​ medicinal herbs, liniments, or​ therapeutic massage. Continued application of​ ice to​ swelling muscle area for three days after the injury helps a​ lot to​ decrease inflammation. Make sure ice is​ not directly applied to​ the skin. Gradual rehabilitation is​ needed with the help of​ stretching exercises until the strength is​ revived. While there are still no conclusive evidence that specific natural pain relief products are effective, many of​ these remedies had already been in​ use for thousands of​ years.

While undergoing therapy, muscle relaxant medications and anti-inflammatory drugs may help to​ ease the pain of​ the injury but it​ is​ a​ given that we must seek medical advice before taking any of​ these drugs. More often that not, anti-inflammatory drugs are doctor-prescribed and cannot be obtained over-the-counter without the authority of​ a​ physician.

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